A 50-50 partnership by Beyoncé & Topshop

Beyoncé & Topshop collaborate to produce an athletic street wear label which could be launched in stores and E-commerce platform in the fall 2015 earliest.

reference: popsugar



The deal was disclosed by Topshop in London on Monday.

Being the most valuable customer of Topshop, the singer made a partnership with the British retailer Parkwood Topshop Athletic.ltd to create an active wear line of clothing, foot wears and accessories for dance, fitness and sports categories.beyonce-topshop-kanye-west-100613

Dedicating all her time to rehearsing and dancing, Beyoncé with creative energy inspires the team of Topshop, to deliver athletic street wear in an innovative and intoxicating way.

“This is not a collaboration, it’s about building a brand and business, it’sa unique opportunity to develop for this category” says Philip Green owner of Arcadia.

A separate team will be hired to manage the active wear label of Beyoncé, including designers and creative directors, confirms Topshop.

By: Jagpreet Thakkar

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