Gallerie Lafayette Christmas Decor 2014

The Christmas spirit can already be felt in the air of Paris especially in the area Gallerie Lafayette. This year’s Christmas decorations are centralised around the theme of a cute pink furry mascot. On the outside of the department store, in each window there is a different scene staging one or several of these fluffy pink creatures with big white eyes. For example, one of the windows has several female mascots performing a ballet dance to a soothing Christmas song. Another window has the mascots inside giant Christmas tree ornaments rolling around. Here are some pictures of the window decorations:

Furry mascot ballet dancing
Furry mascot ballet dancing
Pink mascot christmas ornaments
Pink mascot christmas ornaments

We are not done just yet. When entering Gallerie Lafayette, in the center of the department store there is an over sized Christmas tree awkwardly hung upside down. The tree is covered in blue and purple ornaments having no relation with the theme of the pink furry Mascots. Here is a photograph of the christmas tree:

Christmas tree
Christmas tree

Gallerie Lafayette Christmas decors are a must see for the holidays, espeicially the well designed windows.


Written by: Nadine Fakih

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