Street Style Spotlight

Paris-The world’s fashion capital is also a city thriving with individualistic style.

A quick stroll down the chic boulevard of Champs Elysées during the beginning of winter is all it takes to come across a mob of fashion styles by locals and tourists of the city. There are a variety of layers , plaids, furs, hats all put together to create one dashing ensemble. We photographed people from all walks of life- fashion stylists, students, architects and other professionals.

Check out some of the edgy street style looks that we have curated from the streets of Paris.


Tanya Mehta (Student)



StreetstyleCia Jian (Student)

17 yrs


StreetstyleMelissa (Fashion Stylist)

25 yrs


StreetstyleVictoria (Vendeuse)

25 yrs


StreetstyleVictoria (Architect)



StreetstyleJessica and Typhaine (Secretary, Nutritionist)

25 yrs old

Marsielle and Paris

By: Jagpreet Thakkar

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