Top 10 Parisian Christmas Gifts for Her

It’s that time of the year again! December has started and the holiday season is in full affect – whether it’s your mom, sister, girlfriend, or wife – it’s time to get the women in your life a special gift.  Most women swoon over the idea of visiting Paris, but if the Paris-lover in your life can’t visit the City of Lights this holiday season, then why not bring Paris to them? Here’s a list of Parisian Christmas gifts that are guaranteed to make the special woman in your life feel part of the French culture.

1. Ladurée Macarons

laduree macarons

If there’s one thing that will make anyone feel Parisian, it’s Ladurée Macarons. This famous French luxury bakery is the top-seller of delicious macarons, selling more than fifteen thousand a day. There are six stores in Paris and one in Versailles, find the closest location to you here!

2. Wine Appliances

Wine Accessories
Wine Accessories

If there’s one thing women love, it’s wine. They drink it when they’re happy and when they’re sad. When it’s hot and when it’s cold. When they are lonely and when they are socializing. It tastes great, and it makes them feel good. Wine appliances to women are like a tool box to men, it’s important to have all the necessary gadgets to make the wine even better than it already is. There are many different appliances out there, from an In-Bottle Wine Aerator to a Pure Pour Wine Filter, or you can find all the necessary wine accessories on Wine Enthusiast. Whichever you choose, you are sure to bring happiness to the wine-lover in your life!

3. Snake Serpent Jewelry

Snake Serpent Jewelry

Snake Serpent Jewelry allows women to be creative with jewelry! One necklace twists and bends in various ways creating different looks or styles. But you can twist more than one together to create a very original piece! They come in many different colors and there’s a demonstration on their website. Women alway like to be in control and Snake Serpent provides that sense of control through jewelry! Snake Serpent Jewelry can be found at the Paris Christmas Market on Champs-Elysées.

4. Maxim’s Chocolate

Maxim's Chocolate

Besides diamonds, a woman’s best friend is chocolate. Maxim’s chocolate is made in France and the brand has a wide variety of products ranging from champagne to tea. Maxim’s Christmas Collection chocolate can be bought at Galeries Lafayette in Paris. For a wider range of options, you can check out their website here. The best part? The packaging is red and gold for a glamorous and festive Parisian design, so you don’t even have to spend time wrapping this gift!

5. Fragonard Perfume

Fragonard Perfume

Fragonard is a French perfume house from Grasse, in the south of France. The brand makes their products in their own factory, but a museum is located in Paris, along with many Fragonard shops. A wide variety of perfume scents are available along with soaps, lotions, and gift sets.  You can visit their shop to get exclusive help on what scent to choose or you can visit their website.

6. Faux Fur Scarf

Fux Fur Scarf

Faux fur is a popular trend this fall and winter season, it can make any outfit look classy! Besides it’s style, it’s known for its warmth and comfort during cold winter days. Any woman in your life will love a fur set, whether it’s a hat and gloves combination or scarf and gloves! ASOS has a wide variety of options for faux fur, but you can also find them at the Christmas Market in Paris on Champs-Elysées.

7. Savon de Marseille

Savon de Marseille
Savon de Marseille

Savon de Marseille or Marseille Soap is a traditional hard soap made from vegetable oils that has been produced in Marseille, France for almost 600 years. The soap is environmentally friendly because it is biodegradable, it also has health benefits, especially for the skin. Due to its pH of 9.5 it doesn’t cause irritation – on the contrary it is smooth and gentle. Marseille soap is also known to be a universal stain remover! You can buy individual soap or gift packages with different scents. Savon de Marseille is featured at the Christmas Market on Champs-Elysées in Paris or you can visit their website here.

8. Hermès Skipper Bracelet

Hermes Skipper Bracelet

To help the special woman in your life tap into her inner Parisian style, the Hermès Skipper bracelet is the way to go. The Skipper is a younger style which can be easily mixed in with a regular weekend wardrobe.  It features silver detailing with a silk cord and comes in a variety of different colors. You can purchase it online or in any Hermès store.

9. Polaroid Camera

Polaroid Camera

The Polaroid Camera is a great gift for those who love photography and want an instant photograph. Plus, the vintage feel of the photographs is so nostalgic and popular!  This is especially a good gift for women who love to travel. You can get a Polaroid camera from Urban Outfitters or from vintage photography boutiques throughout Paris.

10. Cheese of the Month Club

Cheese of the Month

Cheese is the best Parisian gift you can get for any woman in your life, especially those who love to enjoy cheese with a nice glass of wine. But an even better gift is signing her up for the Cheese of the Month Club! Each month this Club will deliver three different, half pound variety of cheese. Cheese of the Month Club offers three, six, and twelve-month subscription with new selections each spring, summer, fall and winter.

Now that you have ideas on the best Parisian Christmas gifts it’s time to go shopping for that special woman in your life! Have any of these ideas inspired you? What are your ideas for Christmas gifts?

Written by: Jessica Manno

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