8 Holiday Season MUST-haves!

The joyous season is upon us and it’s time for merry-making. It’s also time to discard that lumpy Christmas sweater and that tired New Year’s Eve dress. This year we show you how to glam up your holidays in style with the top eight fashion items every fashionista should indulge in to be a complete knock-out!

1. The Tartan Scarf

Christmas is synonymous with the cheerful pairing of red & green. This year pick a Tartan scarf with a third shade and maybe with some metallic accents. Drape it over your little black dress and cinch your waist with a bejeweled belt.

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2. The Wine Patent Leather Boots

Oxblood/claret/scarlet there are one too many names for this popular shade of the season that is ruling runways all across the world. Wine is the new black and a pair of patent leather boots are the way to go to dress up an outfit for the night out. Team them up with skinny jeans and an embellished blazer.

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3. The Festooned Necklace

If we’ve learnt anything from the catwalk this season, is that chunky statement necklaces are very ‘now’. The re-invented versions appear as quirky Christmas decorations!

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4. The Caption Clutch

Ditch grandma’s minaudière for a chic updated version of arm candy with funny  taglines.


5. The Metallic Shift Dress

The metal trend has taken a futuristic turn with contemporary silhouettes resembling aluminum foil and molten gold. A perfect shape for all body types!

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6. The Bathrobe Coat

Yes, it may look like your post-shower garb but this is no average coat. It’s the perfect blend of comfort and style. Pick one with a soft cashmere touch and pair it with pastel escarpins.

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7. The Rainbow Sequined Skirt

It’s longer, snugger and shinier.  Every girl needs some sparkle in her closet and this item looks smashing when paired with a luxe silk blouse.

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8. The Embellished Sweatshirt

This is a great alternative to a regular party top and is in vibe with the athletic trend. Pair with a cute skater skirt for a feminine feel.

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By Tanya Mehta

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