Palais de Tokyo: exhibitions “Inside” and “Inside China”

Two intriguing exhibitions of contemporary modern art are currently being held at Palais de Tokyo until January 11, 2015. They are a blend of contemporary art and modern styles. The place is a must visit because as soon as you enter the museum you are welcomed by a huge Scotch tape maze installation which is a wonder in itself with one entry and exit. It gives a sense of creativity and adventure into the viewer’s mind. Both adults and kids can enter the maze.

tape installations
Tape Installation

The exhibition consists of two parts “Inside “ and “Inside China” which is a voyage within, an exploration of self and a unique experience that transforms the building into a body to be traveled. Among the artists exhibited here are David Maljkovic, Shahryar Nashat and Jean Marie Appraiou.

insida china
Inside China

palais de tokyo

“Inside” gives the visitor a unique experience, a risky voyage through oneself, of which the exhibition space is a subject and a metaphor. This exhibition is an opportunity to experience the building – transformed into an organism to be explored – like a journey, from body to mind, from psyche to spirit, in accordance with the archetype of the initial journey. All of the works create an experience at once sensorial and emotional. “Inside” calls on all the emotions that make up our humanity: joy, worry, fear, horror, desire, pleasure… A deep troubling and unexpected experience.

The exhibition is over very soon, so hurry if you don’t want to miss it.

palais de tokyo

palais de tokyo
Inside China

Venue: Palais De Tokyo

Exhibitions:Inside and Inside China

Dates: 20/10/2014 – 11/01/2015

By Jagpreet Thakkar

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