Men’s Fashion Week – What’s Hot and What’s Not

It’s that time of year again when the eyes feast on speckles of colorful confectionery. I’m not talking about macrons here but exquisitely-dressed fashion folk flocking around the plush venues. They might appear stylishly nonchalant but secretly await with bated breath to discover what collection might whet their fancy next. This Fall 2015 season is no different. While some fashion houses continued to have us delighted, others were slightly disappointing. Here’s our review on some of the top collections from Men’s Fashion Week.

 Burberry Prorsum

burberry prorsum burberry prorsum burberry prorsum

‘The intellectual traveler’  is the best way to sum up Burberry Prorsum’s fall winter collection.  The collection displayed an infectious Bohemian vibe through its fringed capes, floral print shirts and leopard print scarves. The color pallet consisted of emerald greens, scarlet and hints of turquoise. We love the original detailing with the oversize frames and the ‘Rajasthani’ mirror work. This season was a mixture of the suave man-on-the go with contemporary bomber jackets and the urban hippy.


canali canali canali

You know a grey Canali suit when you see one. The Italian power house once again showed-off its fifty shades of grey. This year however there was something monotonous about it. All the silhouettes were repetitive such as the double-breasted jackets, the sportswear accents and the window-pane checked suits. The bright yellow luggage was slightly jarring against the otherwise monochromatic mood. The only highlight was the crisp burnt-orange suit.

Ermenegildo Zegna  

ermenegildo zegna ermenegildo zegna ermenegildo zegna

The army of models that trudged down the runway were definitely a formidable bunch. If you want to get in  touch with your dark side Zegna is the solution. Strong, edgy and dominating. They emerged like misty soldiers from a set that looked like in murky jungle all clad in combat boots,bag packs and dark glasses. Zegna really took military-chic to a new level of sophistication with intelligently tailored and extremely wearable outfits. The pale make up only added to the eery ‘Edward Cullen’ aura of this spectacle.

 Dolce & Gabbana

dolce and gabbana dolce and gabbana Dolce and gabbana

There was nothing break-through about Dolce and Gabbana’s collection this season. It was a repeat entry of the slouchy trousers and the over-sized printed blouses. The brand tried to play off the notion of ‘La Famiglia’ but the looks were reminiscent of last times Baroque inspiration with the motif suits. The embroidered t-shits came across as copies from Balmain’s previous collection. Thumbs down to this one.


Versace Versace Versace

Sans the prints and embellishments, this was quite a radical move for Versace. The collection was a spread of tonal suits with fine metallic finishes. The collection soothingly transformed from salted caramel shearing coats to denim suits. It even added a Boho accent with the full aztec -print capes. Modern, relaxed and fluid. Donatella aced it.

Written By Tanya Mehta

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      1. I really like your article on his collection. That’s a good way to describe the evolution.
        Personally, I like it! It’s an edgy luxurious look.

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