This Season’s IT Bags

The ultimate status symbol – the ‘It Bag’ returns and it’s all about how you carry it. From the new designs of the bucket bags to the micro peekaboo by Fendi. Its all about high-lighting heritage adding value to the likes of  Hermès, Céline, and Chanel. Change your look this year with these statement bags. Choose the best ones you would like to flaunt.

Bucket bags

For this spring, designers are getting back to the bucket bags in cut-out textures and patent leather.IT bags 2015The Florals

Spring florals are back in trend.  They appear on the runway in a variety of forms: diamond encrusted,embroidered and embellished!IT bags 2015Handhelds 

This season the designers presented various methods of holding a bag which included wrapping it around your wrist or a chic bangle to carry it as a clutch.

IT bags 2015The Elongated ones

The brand-new shape in bags this spring is the long , clean and rectangular shape which adds a contemporary edge to the look of the season.

IT bags 2015So, friends comment below and let us know your favourite bags this season you would love to take home.

By Jagpreet Thakkar

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