Georges Chakra – 2015 Haute Couture Show

On Thursday January 29th, 2015, the Global Fashion Media master’s students of IFA (International Fashion Academy) had the opportunity to attend the Georges Chakra show during Haute Couture week in Paris. The students were glad to have the chance to watch an influential show and most of them were really pleased!


The show took place in the famous Palais de Tokyo, where many other brands, like Chanel and Chloé,  have presented their collections in the past.

Normally, at the entrance of a designers’ show, there is always a famous blogger or celebrity being photographed or interviewed (as explained in a previous article – see here). At the Georges Chakra’s show, it seemed like there wasn’t much publicity, even though it’s one of the main shows of haute couture week.

However, it was an honor to be there. As students, we were standing in the back, but it was still possible to analyze the collection presented by this Lebanese designer, who creates not only haute couture but ready-to-wear as well.  After the show, I came to the conclusion that half of the students loved the collection and the other half didn’t. Personally, I fall into the second group.

Some of the dresses were quite original but in general, I found them too bright and flashy, mixing a 60’s style with princess dresses. They were very colorful and embellished, and even the fabrics used for them were bright. This is personally not my style and I believe the target market is a woman of very high class with a high liquid asset. Despite my opinion, you can be the judge yourself! I chose pictures of the garments that I found more appealing out of all the designs – check them out below.

2a47905b5f41cc3e0e6104f1de93365e-opt-resp600v-2 f245118cc6d97cac934142bf73d87d08-opt-resp600v-2 f4893afe8991413b7b3b9555d80ba156-opt-resp600v-2 Defile-Haute-Couture-printannier-pour-Georges-Chakra-3 COURANT-22


Written by: Natalia Sanchez

2 thoughts

  1. Monsieur Georges Chakra is a great designer – both experienced / confirmed and talented. And he is a true professional. He certainly knows how to present his work. He doesn’t shock, he doesn’t surprise with his creations, but he never disappoints either. His place in Haute Couture is defined. Paris Haute Couture is very much influenced by the great designers from Beirut like Georges Chakra, Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad, Georges Hobeika. There are more great Lebanese fashion designers in Paris like for ex. Rabih Kayrouz, who also had his Haute Couture collections.


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