Design et Artisanat d’art Exhibition

For the first time, the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Paris, in collaboration with the Berlin Chambers of Trades and with the support of the city of Paris, have organized the Design et Artisanat d’art exhibition (Design Art & Craft) showcasing the exceptional work of 70 creators’ crafts; all located in Hôtel de Ville in Paris. This extraordinary display of innovation includes more than 800m² of selected works.

Over 70 contemporary artisans, designers and craftsmen from Berlin and Paris are presenting their work with a new look: contemporary pieces of furniture, tapestry, lighting facilities, decorative objects, fashion and jewelry. These different installations at the Paris City Hall are the exclusive combination of expertise and modernization in search of new and sustainable materials. Some of the artists include: Isabel Vollrath, Marie Juge, Fritz Jacquet, Astropol-Luminiare Avlon, and many more.

Lets Martin Couture Paris
Tzuri Guetta
Sculpture Silence
Tabouret Fibonacci

Visitors will be able to meet the artists and craftsmen of these exquisite pieces to hear the inspiration and meaning behind their work. There are also video clippings played during the exhibition showing more detail of the creations and giving people more knowledge of the art work’s message.

Don’t miss the chance to attend an absolutely brilliant exhibition as it ends on the 21st February 2015! It’s free to enter and it’s open to the public. Check out their website for more information.

Written by: Jagpreet Takkar

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