Faces behind the words – meet our writers!

Writers are often buried behind their dusty manuscripts as they tediously burn the midnight oil. As we continue to bring you fresh content on our blog we would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and give you an insight to our personalities and the multi-cultural whirlpool that is our team!


Jessica Manno 

Jessica Manno

Jessica Manno is a 22 year old from New Jersey in the United States. She studied at Cazenovia College and received her BA degree in Fashion Merchandising. She has worked as a fit specialist for a designer swimwear brand in the Hamptons and New York City. In the future, she plans to move to New York to pursue a career in fashion events or Public Relations.
“A passion is supposed to give you constant inspiration and happiness. That’s what the fashion industry does for me. And I’ve learned that there’s no better or more exciting way to live your life than following your passion.”


Nadine Fakih

Nadine Fakih

Nadine Fakih is a 22 year old from Beirut, Lebanon. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing from the Lebanese American University. This multi-linguial Fashionista  has spent her life in various cultural pockets of the world such as Michigan and The Congo. She aspires to be a fashion buyer in the near future.

 My favorite pass-time is shopping. I love looking at colours and touching fabrics.It literally gives me an adrenaline rush and thats where my love for fashion comes from. Hence I want to turn shopping into my career!”


Tanya Mehta

Tanya Mehta


Tanya Mehta is a 23 year old hailing from Mumbai, India. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising. She has previously worked as a Fashion Stylist for Rolling Stone magazine and has also worked with Vogue India and interned in New York. She currently runs her own accessories brand called ‘The Jar’. She aspires to become a Fashion Journalist and entrepreneur.

” Dont ape others. Wear your originality like you wear your ink. Style is about inspiration and not replication.”


 Natalia Sanchez

DSCN0726 copy


Natalia Sanchez is a 25 year old born in Valencia, Spain. She studied Business Administration in Politécnica de Valencia University and has worked as fashion stylist for popular modeling agency- Carmen Duran. This Spanish surfer hopes to continue with her career in styling and Fashion blogging.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”- Coco Chanel

Jagpreet Thakkar



Jagpreet is a 24 year old fashion design student from Indore,India. She studied her Bachelor’s degree at S.N.D.T college. She has worked as a free-lance fashion stylist for many versatile publications.  A north-Indian by blood she is indeed bitten by the Parisian style-bug and dreams of becoming a creative director in her days ahead.

“Style is a very personal, it has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style remains forever.”- Ralph Lauren


Written by: Tanya Mehta

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