How I became a Fashion Stylist – Aaditya Waliya


Fashion and wardrobe stylist Aaditya Walia, from New Delhi, is known for his dynamic spirit, tremendous efficiency, and impeccable detailing. He has worked with various editorial clients like Platform Magazine, Men’s Health, Grazia India, Sportswear International, UCE Digital (US) and many more.

Aaditya Walia
UCE May 2012

Walia’s work is infused with a sense of distinctive enthusiasm and an understanding of communicating fashion through style. With his unique creativity he has delivered some marvellous campaigns for brands like L’Oréal
Professional, Nike Sportswear, Monte Carlo, Giovani, Da Milano, Reid & Taylor, Belmonte, Coke and many more.

He continues to work with top Bollywood celebrities. His insight comes from the action of life and the fine art of balancing it all.

Aaditya Walia currently works as Senior Fashion Stylist at VOGUE India.

Aaditya Walia
VOGUE India March 2013


I grew up in a family of only boys and studied in a convent school. I was always very outgoing, adventurous, and athletic and never had an interest in fashion. My father, as a banker and a financier, never paid attention to fashion either, so it was never part of my childhood.

The idea of becoming a stylist occurred to me when…

I was studying Fashion Communication and one of my friends introduced me to the styling world, I wasn’t sure if I would be good at it, but I figured I would give it a try, why not? I’ll always have my communication designing to fall back on, so I wanted to start trying new things and styling was one of them. Then I realized I had a niche for this career path.

My first industry break was…..

Very unexpected! When I worked for a men’s magazine, I produced some creative features and was noticed, so that’s how my editorial journey started. But also, that’s when I realized I enjoy doing editorials rather than advertising. So recently, I have been focusing more on fashion photo shoots rather than commercial jobs. It has definitely changed over a course of time but that was my first break into the industry.

My day usually starts with…..

A glass of fresh juice, some good music, and finding a good shirt to wear for the day because the rest of the outfit falls into place after that.

Some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe are…Aaditya Walia

I really love a nice sheer white pan collared shirt or a collarless one. A denim shirt and denim pair of jeans, I
practically live in denims and my leather accessories – my leather boots, leather loafers. I even have leather on my sun glasses (DIESEL), so definitely these are some of my favourites.

My favourite style-icon and why…..

I don’t really have a style icon. I get inspired by different people: they could be politicians, bureaucrats, celebrities, fashion people. It’s hard to choose one person who really inspires my style.

Bucket list….

I want to try my hand at film making, do some real life stories, I want to travel to South America, Africa to do some of life documentaries and I also wish to travel all around the world and put it out on my Travelogue.

I can’t live without…..

I love to gain a lot of knowledge, I love to talk so definitely sharing interesting facts with everyone would be one thing which I could not live without and also some great music.

My advice to upcoming fashion stylists…

Keep the foundation and the market research strong and sound because one needs to be very clear at the start with whatever direction they are taking. Try not to get driven by what the market offers but stick to your guns and to your instincts which is what will make you a great fashion individual.

Written by: Jagpreet Thakkar

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