Label Alert – Zagliani Veggies Handbags

Who said vegetables are only for nutrition ? They can now be used to turn up your glamour quotient. From Moschino’s fries iPhone cases to it’s steak-frites loafers food has become a constant muse for the fashion folk. Continuing the trend, Italian brand, Zagliani, has collaborated with the Brooklyn-based artist Daniel Gordon on a series of bag charms that take the form of veggies. As a luxury brand, the yummy key chains are made out of the finest skins such as ostrich & snake skin.

Zagliani - Daniel Gordan Veggies
Zagliani – Daniel Gordan Veggies

The collaboration of a heritage Italian brand and a young American artist seems a bit odd, but Zagliani is dedicated to make a name for itself as a collaborator that supports young talents, and Gordon is just the beginning. Gordon believes it was an opportunity to expand his work beyond the collages and photography he is known for. He says, “Everybody at Zagliani was really supportive in taking the kernel of what I came up with and translating that into leather”. Gordon is also shooting this season’s Zagliani campaign. “It’s good to try new stuff as an artist, to keep things interesting and not to get bored. That’s the real goal.” Get a peek at the accessories here before they launch online on February 26.​

Behind The Scenes of Zagliani Handbags

Written By: Nadine Fakih

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