Fashion Clones: get that designer look for less!

It is known that in Fashion there are always leading brands when it comes to exquisite design and there are high street brands which take inspiration from them so that we can take advantage of the latest trends at cheaper prices. With fashion trends changing by the minute it can be nerve-racking to own a trendy wardrobe within a small budget. Here are 10 fashion clones that I came across which are as gorgeous as their inspirations and light on the wallet!

1. Bedazzled sneakers

Last year  sneakers gained popularity when fashion houses such as Chanel and Dior included them in their collections. At first,  Dior’s amphibious-neoprened sneakers didn’t have a good reception. But soon, the innovative shoe which is a fusion of a sneaker and a slip-on gained popularity and  was replicated by many high-street brands. These sequined beauties from Dior’s S/S 2015 collection are a big hit and are now available at Zara for a mere 59.90 euros.

como_se_elaboran_las_fusion_sneakers_de_dior_1711_620x 1741001040_2_2_1

2. The Suede Boots

These boots are the true definition of the word ‘clone’. We saw the original idea at Isabel Marant and later Saint Laurent took over the design of these cowboy boots to blend into its typical rock style. But we would totally understand that you are not willing to pay a staggering amount of  995 euros for these. So if you love them you will be over-joys dot knowing that you can find them for a reasonable price (125 euro) at Uterqüe in their Spring-Summer collection. The only difference: the Uterqüe boots have a shorter heel.

SAINT-LAURENT-Western 4112051040_1_1_2-1

3. The billowy cape-top

To keep up with the 70’s trend which brands such as  Chloé have embraced, Zara has also replicated the hippie shirt from Chloe’s collection, which can be found in its own collection  in summery shades of white and mustard. It is a romantic-vaporous shirt that is ideal for spring and is available at a price of 29.99 euros.


4. The braided shift dress

Zara continues to take inspiration from Chloé in the form of this trendy dress with braid-detailing. Apparently it is not the only thing that has been cloned from Chloé’s new collection. It seems like this year, Chloe  is experiencing  a great success in terms of being a constant muse to high street brands. Zara did their dress in a joyful shade of canary yellow at an affordable price of 29.90 euros.


5. The strappy pumps

Valentino-Studded-Python-Leather-Pumps-1 pic.aspx-8

Valentino’s iconic studded heels are available in a similar silhouette at Uterqüe  for a price of 99,95 euros. This clone is not a bargain but if we compare it to the price of the original ones, it is still a good deal!

6. The vibrant lace-ups

Sophia-Webster-Blue-Lacey-Tie-Up-Heel 2604001009_1_1_1

Sophia Webster “Lacey” Tie-up heels are available  at Zara in a royal blue suede version for just 49,95 euros. These are perfect for cocktail hour or a pool-side party.

7. The animal print boots

497609_in_xl 2106001195_1_1_1

Zara also takes inspiration from Maison Margiela in form of a chic leopard print boot in patent leather (right) available for 69.90 euros only.

8. The nude tote


If you love Céline bags, Mango has a similar version in pastel shades for much cheaper of course. I think both could be very recommendable options for this season, as you can combine them with everything!

9.The Mini sling bag

One can also find other versions of iconic bags like the Philip Lim mini bag at Zara in a more muted shade with a hot red piping. It’s the same silhouette.


10. The classic white sneakers

Finally, we would like to highlight this copy of a very popular item like the Nike Air force 1 sneakers which can be found at Mango for less than half of the price (39.99 euros)

Nike-Air-Force-1-Low-Women-Shoes-008-All-White_02 43070393_01_D3

The variety of high-street replicas available to the consumer today is endless. They are a great way to stay stylish without spending too much.

I just presented to you an array of the relevant and current options  from this coming season. I think they could do the trick. Hope you found this list useful. Happy shopping!

Written by: Natalia Sanchez

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