Tête-à-tête with an Indian Shutter-Bug

On a sultry afternoon in Mumbai you can find Keegan Crasto crouching in the sun on a bustling street. The 24 year old is dressed in his staples of converse and shorts as he flashes a boyish smile. There’s something quite charming about this budding photographer who recently shot for I-D magazine. He has a penchant for street photography and draws great inspiration from the fast-paced city of Mumbai which is his home town. Crasto is not your basic college student -wannabe photographer.He has a vision thats promising and an unsatiated enthusiasm to break through the mundane.

Although he hasn’t received any formal education in the field of photography he has assisted renowned fashion photographer Colston Julian who has an impressive line-up of clients such as Louis Vuitton, Longines watches and of course the fashion bible- Vogue Magazine. During his time spent training under this ace photographer and his mentor did Crasto realize that what began as a summer internship soon turned into a career he couldn’t wait to embark on. But contrary to common belief photography isn’t a glamorous career,it’s strenuous and time-consuming. “When you immerse yourself into a shoot,it’s like your body gives up all its primary needs. There is no surprise if you’ve missed a meal as days turn into nights.” recounts Crasto about his work days.

Keegan Crasto Keegan CrastoKeegan Crasto

      Keegan Crasto for I-D magazine
It maybe exhausting but Crasto’s career path has been an exciting one so far with a plethora of versatile work and popular clients. Here is a photographer who definitely believes in quality over quantity. Although he says he is not yet aware of his photographic style ,his pictures reek of a grunge style with heavy accents of Indian culture. For clothing brand ‘Nor black Nor White’ Crasto shoots a delightful set of images where the ethnic fabrics of the tailored shirts are intelligently replicated in the background. He has an innate capacity of capturing people in their natural forms-their expressions…a trait that is consistent in his portraits of women.

NBNW+Mens+FW14-8+low KC_HG+Nike+Aug+2014+1048

                                  Keegan Crasto For Nor black Nor white & Nike

Crasto has also collaborated with sportswear tycoon- Nike to create a series of refreshing images that show off their footwear in the individualistic styles of Indian youngsters. For Homegrown Magazine- a contemporary publication still in a nascent stage Crasto weaves out a beautiful urban story that is playful but dripping with depth and texture.


                                                   Keegan Crasto for HomeGrown magazine

5 things you need to know about Keegan Crasto-

• Favorite books- Portraits by Mark Abrahams & On Street by Peter Lindbergh

• Best indulgence- Single Malt Whiskey

• Comfort food- My mother’s Goan fish curry and rice

• When you’re not shooting you’re…Sleeping

• A timeless fashion staple- A crisp white shirt     Keegan Crasto

A gaze at the young photographer’s personal work shows that he has an affinity for shooting women in black and white. While shooting a woman he says “Her personality is of utmost importance, I’m not just shooting skin and bones.I need to be able to connect with a woman and build a rapport with her.The language between a photographer and his subject is a silent one.”

Harper’s Bazaar, Elle India, Rolling Stone magazine,Clarks and Dell are just some of the impressive names that Keegan holds on his client list so far. Besides the heavy-duty commercial publications he would love to work with Dazed & Confused and Another Magazine in the near future. His dream brand to shoot for would be Yohji Yamamoto and to work with photographer Max Vadukul, “I love Mr. Vadukul’s work,I’ve been following it for years and he is definitely somebody I look up-to. Prabhudha Dasgupta and Peter Lidenbergh are my idols as well.”

The road ahead for this young talent is a brightly lit one as he endeavors to work on more fashion-oriented editorial work . “The field of photography is like one mad circus with thousands of hopefuls craving the lime-light.It’s important to have a body of work that’s original and reflects your personality and that’s the philosophy I live by.” declares the amicable Goan photographer over a steaming cup of coffee.   women by Keegan Crasto

To view more of the photographer’s work,you can visit his website-


Written by- Tanya Mehta

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