That 70’s trend-how to achieve the perfect look.

If the casual hippy is your personal style then you’re in luck! Because this season the 70’s trend is going to be a great hit. Fashion is a cycle where popular trends are always repeated. The 70’s trend  has been a constant appearance on the runways and we have even seen some touches of this boho trend in past seasons through accessories such as the fringe bags. However, this time the trend is going to take centre-stage and play the protagonist with head-to-toe hippy looks.

Here are different interpretations of the trends presented by luxury fashion houses on the runway.


But fret not,you can get a taste of these runway looks with local high-street brands such as Zara where  we see maxi-dresses, floral boho dresses, gladiator sandals and high waist flare jeans. The trend might seem too bold  at first but you will possibly develop a taste for it soon.

cover_woman_02_2560 WOMAN_04_2560 WOMAN_06_2560 WOMAN_08_2560

As for Mango, the prominent trends are fringes, brown suede, white shirts, crochet, denim and shorts. We also see a younger collection combining leather jackets, bohemian printed dresses and cowboy boots.

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Some exciting news: The big Swedish brand, H&M, is also preparing a boho-chic Coachella inspired collections which will be plenty of 70s pieces as well, from crochet tops and fringe to suede boots. I personally love it!


As you can see, there are some key elements to adopt this trend:

– High waist flared pants

– Denim, denim & more denim

– Suede (and similar synthetic materials)

– Leather

– Paisley  prints

– Roman sandals

We can already see some trendy people adopting this trend and with these pictures you can grab some inspiration!

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The trick is to combine them in the perfect way without looking like an overdone hippy. Sometimes all you need is a hint of this trend through a fringed bag or an embellished head-band to hit the bull’s eye!

Written by: Natalia Sanchez

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