Fashion Internships – Do’s and Don’ts

Internships in the fashion industry can be different and not as glamorous as it seems.

As a fashion intern, it is the experience you receive and the people you meet along the way that make your internship worthwhile and one to remember. Knowing a fashion internship won’t be easy will make the opportunity a more valuable learning experience, but only if you realize what it takes to get started. A fashion internship can sometimes be tricky, there area few prerequisites and a few things you should absolutely not do.

There are many types of internships in the industry and a few IFA fashion students shared their experiences with us. Check out what they have to say!

Jessica Manno


Jessica is from New Jersey, United States. She came to Paris to pursue her MBA Global Fashion Media at IFA Paris.

Where was your internship?

I am currently doing my internship at Business Fashion Forum in Paris for their FashionTechDays ,Roubaix event located in Roubaix, France – but my internship enables me to work from home.

How long is your internship for?

My internship will be until the event ends which will be in March. So its for 2 months. However, I can do it for longer if I choose!

How is the experience?

My main responsibility is reaching out to start-up companies who specialize in fashion technology, which includes 3D prints, technologically advanced fabrics, tech-jewelry and many more! The companies are from UK, Berlin, Belgium and Holland. In March. I will be attending the FashionTechDays event in Roubaix, France from the 19th-21st. It should be interesting seeing the different ways of technology has influenced fashion designs.

Do you get paid?

No, I don’t get paid. The experience is what matters most to me.

What should be kept in mind while doing the internship?

Since I work from home, I find it hard to make time to research and communicate with start-up companies, especially with my school work. So time management is key while doing this internship. I’ve been researching companies 2-3 times a week, but now that it’s the end of February and the event is right around the corner, I have to really step up my game and recruit more companies! I don’t recommend waiting until the last minute to get all of your work done – the fashion industry is all about getting things done.

Do you think this internship has increased your career prospects & how?

I think this internship has definitely helped. My ultimate career goal is to work in fashion events and become a fashion show producer and while this isn’t exactly a fashion show, it’s a fashion event! It’s been a great experience reaching out to companies from many different countries and convincing them to attend our event to show their product. I am really excited to see what these companies have in store for the event. A lot of the companies have shown a true interest in the event and seem very excited to showcase their product. It should be fun!

Nadine Fakih



Nadine is from Beirut, Lebanon and is also here in Paris to obtain her MBA degree at IFA Paris.

Where did you do your internship?

My internship was with Erdem, which is a Canadian brand based out of London and is known for its colorful, romantic, feminine designs and its unique use of prints.

How long was your internship for?

The internship lasted for a week.

How was the internship experience?

My main job was to assist the Erdem employees and clients in the showroom. I had to help dress our models during the appointment with international buyers, packing and unpacking the collection, helping with the breakdown of the showroom, running errands. In short it was very busy and a long day. The experience wasn’t that great. The Erdem employees we were working with did not have a very pleasant attitude and didn’t make the experience as enriching as I had expected.

Did you get paid?

No, we didn’t get paid. Although, we were promised to get reimbursed for transportation & a piece of Erdem merchandise as a thank you gift, but that didn’t happen.

What should be kept in mind while interning?

My only advice to anyone who wants to do an internship in fashion that it can be challenging and one needs to be patient because you may have some unpleasant experiences. I felt this internship  wasn’t effective, since I didn’t learn anything during my time there. As an intern, I one needs to be prepared to face the stressful environment while working with big brands.

Do you think this internship has increased your career prospects?

After this internship, I now understand the actual job and responsibilities of a buyer and I realized that I am very interested in this career field. Becoming a buyer for a department store is my main motive now, seeing how the buyers travel around to choose the merchandise for the respective brand seems like an exciting career choice.

Anurag Sharma

Anurag Sharma

Anurag is from  Indore,India and is studying Luxury Brand Management at the ISC Paris business school.

Where did you do your internship?

Première Vision

How long was your internship for?

It was for 4 days from 9th -12th February.

How was your experience?

My job was as a sales person to sell the designs to the customers. We were into the design section of the Première Vision. Generally, the wholesalers and the big fashion houses come to these kind of fairs and if they like the design they buy it and we sell it with the copyrights to our customers. So the experience was really worthwhile. Though it was hard work, since it’s the whole day standing and selling the items to the customers. However, it made us understand the buyer/seller relationship, which at the end of the day, it’s a positive thing that we came out learning something.

What should be kept in mind while interning?

I would suggest all the interns to be on time, don’t get late it adds to your negatives. Act professional & do not use your phone while working, a big NO! Always follow the instructions of your boss.

Do you think this internship has increased your career aspects?

Yes, definitely because if I ever decide to get into any job post, like selling luxury department or selling luxury sector, it would be a big boost to my career because I have at such a big trade fair.


Written By: Jagpreet Thakkar

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