Moschino F/W 2015

So much has been happening for Moschino this year. They have had a new fragrance called Moschino Toy which was advertised as the world’s cutest perfume, new flagship stores in Los Angeles and New York, and Katy Perry flying over the 50 yard line at the Super Bowl all dressed in Moschino. So we can say Jeremy Scott is really being productive.

At New York Fashion Week, Scott sent his models down the runway with one of his most fun Moschino collections. His tributes to pop-culture icons McDonald’s and Barbie were a good way to exploit these social media phenomena, but it was time to try something else. His solution was to look at the street, which is today a fairly popular fashion trend. Scott’s style is colorful, sexy, and altogether irrepressible.

Although these clothes will probably sell like crazy, the show could’ve used less of the Looney Tunes sweaters and sports jerseys that came out. Scott knows his fashion inside out, and we would’ve been happy to see more of the smart, subtle looks instead of all this neon camouflage. With the street as his starting point, Scott made it a priority to show the influence of graffiti which was present in the colorful finale dresses. He got the details exactly right all the way.

Here are some of the looks seen on the runway:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Written By: Nadine Fakih

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