New Lebanese Bloggers: Lama El-Khalil and Dima Kronfol

Beirut might be a small city, but is home to girls with big fashion dreams. Two Lebanese bloggers who believe fashion is about adding a twist to each look are Lama El-Khalil and Dima Kronfol. Their styles include all the must-haves of each season and pieces in which one would die for. They love to splurge on every accessory in their closet. According to the two fashionistas, their blog, Imperial Twist, started off as a fun way to pass time. It went from an anonymous blog where we would only see an outfit, but never the face, to an official blog with a revelation of who had been behind Imperial Twist’s stunning styles and having invitations to every fashion show during Paris Fashion Week. “For almost 8 months, we were working behind the scenes preparing the new sections of the blog. We wanted it to be very simple, neat and up-front. Fast forward to October 1st, we launched the blog, revealed new categories and started twisting daily.” Successful is what we would call these ladies considering that in less than a year they have reached 28,000 followers on Instagram.

Lama El-Khalil
Lama El-Khalil
Dima Kronfol
Dima Kronfol

Born and raised in Lebanon, the girls believe they were blessed to have lived in London for some time. The two cities, Beirut and London, have both greatly influenced the trilingual medemoiselles. Traveling helped them discover some of their favorite designers like, Elie Saab, Stella McCartney, and Chanel. Dima went to college in London to study engineering at Imperial College, which is where the first part of the blog’s name came from. While Dima pursued her undergraduate studies in London, Lama went to the American University of Beirut in Lebanon to study marketing, where she says, “it really allowed me to build a great social network that’s vital for our work”. It wasn’t until they had graduated that the girls realized their only passion was for fashion and showing the world their twists.

With their love for traveling to discover different cultures, the girls admit, “Our blog reflects our personal taste and we try to fuse as much of the West that we’ve grown accustomed to from our travel with our Middle Eastern roots.” For both Twisters, the blog is a new project that they hope to excel in. Both of them bring different ideas and key qualities to the table, which in turn makes their blog more rounded and inclusive. Differentiation is key, each blogger has her own perspective on fashion, beauty, and taste in music. “What we try to do is include as much of our personalities as we can in the most professional way possible. For example, we showcase beauty products that we personally use and never something we don’t believe in. Most importantly, we dress according to our personal style!”

Lama El-Khalil Make Up
Lama El-Khalil Make Up
Dima Kronfol Outfit
Dima Kronfol Outfit

Although the ladies are busy, they are not disappointing, Imperial Twist’s followers who are impatiently waiting for the new projects the Twisters are cooking for 2015, especially having collaborations coming up. “Our favorite new project is something that we are hoping to launch in a few months. All we can say is we’re super excited to give life to something that we’re designing from scratch”. We can’t wait to see it!

Lama and Dima believe to “always do things wholeheartedly and believe in what you write, publish and share with others. Not everyone’s going to agree with everything, but that’s the point, it’s a part of you that you’re sharing. Don’t try to please everyone, and try to add a twist to the things you do.”

Don’t forget to check out this marvelous blog and all its categories: Imperial Twist


Written by Nadine Fakih

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