Salvatore Ferragamo Museum

Are you visiting Florence any time soon? Make sure to check out the beautiful museum of one of our favorite designers, Salvatore Ferregamo.

While in the breathtaking Italian city, I was lucky enough to visit the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo. Besides photographs, patents, sketches, books, magazines and wooden shapes of various famous feet, the museum presents a collection of 10,000 shoes designed by Ferragamo from the end of the 1920’s until 1960, the year of the designer’s death. The shoes, displayed on a biennial rotation, are chosen each time according to specific themes that deal with new issues. This time, the theme was about the distribution of the body weight over the foot through human evolution. The first room displayed a couple of monkeys demonstrating how their feet looked while walking. The second room displayed pieces of art on which could be observed movements of feet in the process of dancing. The museum regularly arranges exhibitions of its own historical collection with the participation of contemporary artists, and promotes and hosts exhibitions and events linked to art and culture.

Monkeys Feet - Ferragamo Salvatore Museo
Monkeys Feet – Ferragamo Salvatore Museo
Dancing Feet - Ferragamo Salvatore Museo
Dancing Feet – Ferragamo Salvatore Museo

The shoes, design and materials, reveal the mind of an artist who was always in touch with the cultural mood of the time. Ferragamo often searched for and found ideas, inspiration and collaboration from the leading artists of his day. “When I began studying human anatomy I found my first clue to the problem in the distribution of the weight of the body over the joints of the foot. I discovered the interesting fact that the weight of our bodies when we are standing erect drops straight down on the arch of the foot. I constructed my revolutionary forms which, by supporting the arch, make the foot act like an inverted pendulum. The metatarsal joints and heels are freed of all body weight, and the shoes thus guide the equilibrium of the body as it walks instead of fighting against it” (From the autobiography of Salvatore Ferragamo).

Salvatore Ferragamo Museo

Ferragamo was in love with feet. The unique quality of his shoes started from the ability to appreciate the beauty of the foot and this love was shown through the details in his masterpieces shown in this museum.

The museum is located in the basement of Palazzo Spini Feroni, Via Tornabuoni n. 2. It was opened to the public in 1995 by the Ferragamo family, in an effort to spread Ferragamo’s artistic qualities and emphasize the important role he played in the history of shoe design and international fashion.

If you are ever visiting Florence, this museum is definitely a must-see!

Written by Nadine Fakih

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