Fabrics to keep you cool this Summer

Are you ready for the summer? Heat is on its way, so it’s time to share some of the best fabrics to wear this season. Trust me, wearing the right fabric will make a huge difference in reducing the heat this summer.

Temperatures will rise and, unfortunately, we can’t all be in a bikini at the beach 24 hours a day. Summer dressing is all about ease, but picking the right fabric to keep you cool isn’t always easy. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of light, airy, and comfortable fabrics to wear in the heat.

  • Cotton: The most common natural fiber fabric in everyone’s life and it’s the best fabric to keep your summers cool. This material actually absorbs all the moisture and helps in evaporating it. It is also known to be one of the most easy going and airy fabrics ever, which means you will be left feeling refreshed and comfortable (AND sweat free) during the day.

cotton dress                 cotton shirt top

Cotton dress                              Cotton floral print top

  • Linen: Also known for its sweat absorbing quality, linen keeps you dry. The biggest fashion brands like Donna Karan, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and many more are realizing the value and have noticed its popularity. They have even produced collections of linen tailored suits. Presented, cut, and made in different styles for both men and women is a oh-so-hot (and cool) fabric to be in your wardrobe for the summer.

linen tunics             linen dress

             Linen tunics                                                 Linen Dress

  • Madras: A light fabric from the very known city of India, Chennai. Madras (known as Chennai) is a fabric that allows circulation and breathing. An Indian fabric with modernized Scottish tartans, which is blended with their own checks and colors. Once the garment is ready, you have your own choice of jackets, shirts, and shorts in airy material with a deck of checks and hues.

Madras check              Madras check

          Madras shirt                                            Madras dress

  • Chiffon: A fine net made from cotton, silk, and synthetic fiber; this flowy fabric is sure to keep you cool and dry this summer. It is also used as an overlay for garments to give it an elegant and sophisticated touch. It’s perfect for outdoor summer events – casual or dressy!

ed063e28da847ac2b0353ea6463215c1                chiffon dress- pinterest

High waist maxi chiffon skirt                  Orange chiffon dress

  • Chambray: A fabric with diverse heritage – its roots and origin strongly placed in France in a small town called Cambrai (hence the name). This light weight fabric is a fabulous option for spring or summer. You can pair this fabric with pretty much everything in the heat.

1088d505ba4c517b966144a6230b4bbc             5ff9c400f7a310636389915b1e32284d

 Chambray dress                             Chambray tank top

  • Georgette: A very light fabric, sheer and airy  which will keep you comfortable and cool in those hot days.

68dd1bf7be47158365e7a1323805c0ec         34aec2fb750f86ff14c7a7dc09d70894

Chloé georgette dress               Navy blue georgette dress

Written by: Jagpreet Thakkar

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