Gisela Cid | Spanish Fashion Stylist

Ever fantasize about landing your perfect dream job? Of course you have and we all do, but sometimes it’s not always clear on how to reach it, or we lack the needed ambition. Regardless of that, it’s a very competitive working world, especially when it comes to the fashion industry. Gisela Cid, a recognized fashion stylist, knew of her dream job and didn’t stop until she got it.

Gisela gave us the inside look on her daily routine and the day in the life of a fashion stylist, “Well, I don’t have any taxi waiting for me in the morning”, she laughs, “I barely sleep, I have to iron the clothes, I pick them up, I carry them…” But humor is always rung with some truth. With an ever humble voice, she tries to explain how hard she had -and still has – to work to get to where she is now. She never imagined herself devoting her life to her passion (which used to be a hobby) until she met Mara Cozar.

Mara is a fashion photographer who developed her skills and debuted around the same time as Gisela did as a fashion stylist. Together, they started building up their careers as a team, doing some shootings with models from Carmen Duran, a famous modeling agency in Valencia, where they come from. “We enjoyed those shootings; when you find a profession which makes you feel like this, you want to know what else it can offer to you”, Gisela says.  She didn’t complain when she had to travel around very often and many times to Madrid, even going and return in one day because it expanded her experiences and possibilities.

Soon she started getting calls by other photographers who knew about her work and wanted to collaborate with her. However, she kept working for free in countless shootings just to build up a good reputation and portfolio. As she explains, “there comes a time when you think everything is possible, when before you didn’t even know how things worked and sometimes you tripped over.”

It was after a collaboration she did with the famous brand, Quiksilver, when she realized that what she was doing was serious and started focusing and working harder every day to reach her goals.

Now that Gisela has a developed path in her career, she is always ahead of the curve and cares more about the image transmitted by her work. She always prepares for a shooting in advance and ensures the team is well informed and works cohesively. Yet sometimes she faces challenges and doesn’t get what she expects from a shooting. She works with many people in a team and often they tell her to change something in her outfits, which she doesn’t always agree with. She simply explains that she is not signing the shooting with her name. “To me, my work has to reflect who I am,” she adds, “I characterize myself for a simple, minimalistic style. I don’t like overloaded outfits and I like the beauty of the model to be shown.”

Gisela is such an inspiration for everyone who wants to make it in the fashion world. As she explains, perseverance, though necessary, is not always enough anymore, but talent is essential. “Focus”, is the word she used, “pick your talent in which you really trust and develop it, don’t jump from one thing to the other”. But above all, don’t give excuses. If you really want it just know that it’s going to be a journey but it’s beautiful, so read a lot and enjoy the ride.

Written by: Natalia Sanchez

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