Surfing outlet: Hossegor

Thousands of people meeting at one place, for one reason, during one specific period of time every year: the huge surf brands outlet in Hossegor, France taking place during the Easter holiday weekend. It is a ritual that welcomes people specifically from France and Spain. “La vente au déballage” in Pédebert zone at Soorts-Hossegor is the third event in the Landes when it comes to attendance and it attracts about 100,000 people. It is the perfect place for people who love good business, surfing and surf-related fashion, and walking – the place is huge and you have to walk from one shop to the other since driving cars isn’t recommended.

The organization, as expected from French people, is great but if you want to get a good spot to park your car you need to wake up early! Furthermore, it is good to wake up early if you want to be the first one getting the better deals.

Hossegor is a small town in the south of France famous for its waves. It’s the destination of many surfers who want to test their skills during the year. Besides, in this town you can find the biggest part of the surf industry. Thus, every year the main surf brands generate surplus stock – which is how the event was created. Huge tents are set up to sell these exceeding articles for bargain prices. In Hossegor, there are 116 surf enterprises, including RipCurl, Billabong and Quicksilver, which are big name brands, not only in surfing, but in worldwide fashion. They have a cool style and their sponsored pro-surfers are an inspiration to millions.

In the so-called “Braderie Hossegor” you can find products from brands like Billabong, Ripcord, Quicksilver, Roxy, Volcom, and more. The top brands’ tents even have very long queues. But no matter what, people will wait a long time to get into the shops in order to get the best deals – which are so worth it! 

However, this year there were some changes. Apparently, there was a low stock during the year so the outlet sale lasted one day less than usual. Regardless, many products were available and people were still leaving shops with several big bags. 

Personally, I enjoy this huge event and I became a regular who attends every year. I also love the town and the atmosphere of people coming there for surfing and shopping.

It is true that sometimes it gets kind of crazy so you have to fight with people just to look for something you want in the main tents – it’s also a task to find your size. Despite the fact that my favorite brand, Insight, was closed this year, I still found a lot of nice products for incredible prices. The best part? I bought a good quality suitcase, originally for 180€, just for 20€!

Written by: Natalia Sanchez

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