How to shop for your body shape

Hello to all the  ladies out there. How are you? Hope everyone is in the best of their shape.

So, I am here to talk about  the very main problem for most women about getting dressed. Getting dressed becomes an easy job when you know what to wear. Whether it means choosing items from your wardrobe or having to buy some new in a shop.

It depends on your body shape which clothes will flatter you the most. Today there are so many choices of attire for each and every body type, no matter what shape, size, colour, height or proportion you are. When it comes to dressing, it is the fit that matters the most. So basically it isn’t about following the fashion trends but choosing what actually suits your body type and clothes in which you feel comfortable yet in trend.

To know your basic body shape and understand what types of clothes will emphasise your best features and hide or minimise the less perfect ones.

So ladies, before you decide what body shape is yours, you must know your body thoroughly and must know how to create an illusion of a well balanced body shape.

Hourglass shape

The hourglass shaped body is considered to be the ideal one with

  • a tiny waist
  • proportionate shoulders & hips.
  • defined bust

hourglass body

If you are an hourglass shape then your goal should be to highlight your curves and not to hide them.

  • Try Pencil skirts with crop tops.
  • belts on the waists
  • flared pants: wide legged pants

hourglass body                   hourglass body                   hourglass body               hourglass body


          Belts on the waist               Pencil skirts with crop tops             Flared pants                            Flared pants

Apple shape

Body which is slimmer at the bottom ann fuller on the upper torso.

  • Fuller upper torso

apple body

Your goal should be to minimise upper torso to highlight the lower.

  • Try flow tops
  • straight fit pants
  • high waist circular skirts
  • shift dress with reglan sleeve


apple body            apple body             apple body apple body

                 Shift dress                                      Flowy Top                             Tapered pants                                       Circular skirt


Rectangular shape

Body which has a straight figure in appearance, meaning without any curves.

  • Shoulder, waist and hip of same proportion

rectangualr body

Your motive should be to create an illusion of curve in your dressing

  • Try side cutouts dresses
  • ruffled top
  • mini skirts
  • tapered pants

rectangular body      rectangular body       rectangular body        rectangular body


       Side cutout dress                        Side cutout dress                              Ruffled top                       Tapered pants

Pear shape

Body with heavier hips and a narrow upper torso.

  • Narrow upper torso
  • broader lower torso( wide hips)

pear body

Your goal should be to highlight the upper torso as in the neck and shoulders and try to hide the hips area.

  • Try off shoulder tops.
  • Boat neck tops.
  • Wear chunky jewellery or big bold earrings.

pear body        pear body         pear body


      Off shoulder tops                           Boat necks                                                       Chunky jewellery

Try emphasising the neck and the upper torso area, wear chunky jewellery on your neck or big bold earrings so that the attention is focused on the face and the eyes and turned out from the problem area.


To be fashionable or just to look good one doesn’t necessarily need to have a tall figure. Petite are always considered as the cute ones.

Problem area: Height

  • Try wearing stripes length wise
  • No diagonal stripes or prints

petit body


                                                                                                     Vertical prints

I hope my tips will prove useful to those among you who still haven’t decided what kind of clothes puts them at their best. I wish you a very good shopping!

Written by Jagpreet Thakkar

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