Espadrilles for summer | Meet a new Spanish brand

Summer is approaching and we want to talk about one product that your wardrobe can’t lack this season: the espadrilles.

These very antique shoes made of canvas and with hemp sole are mainly used in Spain, France and Latin America. But they were also favorites with Marilyn Monroe or Jacqueline Kennedy. Still today many celebrities wear the espadrilles as they are most comfortable footwear: it feels like walking without shoes! But we are not here to talk to you about history…

It is a product that never goes out of style. We have seen it for many years in the streets as soon as summer arrives but this new season it comes stomping more than ever, breaking with the traditional concept and leaving behind the classical model in different colors. We find now many more styles that will give us a wide range of possibilities when it comes to complete our freshest summer looks. They are comfortable, light, fresh and very stylish!

It is a trend that you should point for the very next months and if you are already thinking of embracing it here we present a new brand which came up to the market and whose designs won’t disappoint you at all! Feitales is a Spanish trendy brand, producing exclusively espadrilles, which has been enjoying a constantly growing success.

The concept, created by 2 Spanish guys -Nicolas Alonso Cameselle and his brother Pablo-, emerged on the beach and thinking about the memories that the beautiful town Cadaqués evoked them. Their aim was to create something out of the box, so they decided to create a kind of espadrilles that not everyone had and for an affordable price.

These two guys also wanted to promote the Spanish products as well as the quality of the production in their country of origina – Spain. That is why, the brand owes its name to the cape Feitales in Vigo, where the owners are from.

loro piesformentera-azul

The great Hermès in 2009 launched the lace version of the espadrilles and on the website of this new brand you will find a very nice model of this lace version! And not only that. There are plenty of other different models that will definitely captivate you! Check them out 🙂



Written by Natalia Sanchez.

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