New York Men’s Fashion Week

In less than two months New York will be hosting it’s very first Men’s Fashion Week. The AmericanMen's Fashion Week menswear community rejoiced after the official announcement by CFDA in February, many feeling that the event’s introduction is overdue. Roughly three years after London managed to create a sustainable and now flourishing Men’s Fashion Week (London Collections: Men), The Big Apple is now looking forward to putting a unique cultural stamp on the inaugural event this Summer (July 13-16).

New York Fashion Week: Men’s will showcase a collection range as diverse and interesting as the city’s cultural landscape. Hip-hop urban chic label Public School, neo-Americana designer Michael Bastian, and edgy yet understated Rag & Bone are just a few brands that will be partaking this Summer, with Calvin Klein and John Varvatos being hyped as the tent pole events. Many designers and industry insiders are seeing an independent men’s fashion circuit an organic progression of the blooming sophistication and growth the global menswear consumer market has demonstrated in recent years.

Men's Fashion Week “American menswear has never been stronger or more creative, there are many reasons the CFDA is launching New York Fashion Week: Men’s. It gives designers a business platform to show during their market dates and is an opportunity to demonstrate the collective talent of an important segment of our industry,” said Steven Kolb, CEO of the CFDA in his February announcement. Many influential voices in American menswear media stepped up to support the CFDA in taking action to create an independent menswear week, such as Details Magazine Fashion Director Matthew Marden and GQ’s Creative Director Jim Moore.

Despite overwhelming support from the New York Fashion community, production for the forthcoming event hasn’t been without its upheavals. “We have a little bit of money committed, but we need a little bit more,” Kolb told WWD. He went on to state “we have designers, editors, and buyers interested. There are still a lot of boxes that need to be checked, but we have tentative dates for July.”


Written by Jagpreet Thakkar

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