Cara Delevigne’s acting career: the story

Known for being the “successor of Kate Moss”, Cara Delevigne is making it big not only on runways but also in theaters. It turns out this young girl is showing a remarkable talent in whatever she tries. Now she wants to demonstrate that she is better at acting than most of the models who dip a toe into the complicated world of cinema, called by this trend of transiting from model to actor, and whose ego betrays them.

Cara Delevigne changed the beauty-perfection statements that models used to show to the public by getting rid of this mask and showing a rebel and childish attitude of a girl who doesn’t care about her image. However in a short period of time, the popular British supermodel, with her overwhelming personality, has also attracted attention of different cinema directors. cara-delevingne-funny-faces-instagram

If we go back in time we can understand how Cara became recognized as an actress. Although she debuted in cinema with a secondary role in ‘Anna Karenina’ (which if you blink you could miss), she really began acting when she performed in ‘Timeless’ (by Playhouse), a chat while she awaits for a text from her lover who is in the army. From that moment her CV start rising up in the world of cinema.

From my point of view she started attracting people’s looks at her acting talent since the performance in one short promotional film of Chanel for the mid season collection in December 2014 in Salzburg: ‘Reincarnation’ (Read more: Chanel’s Metiers d’Art).

Chanel: Reincarnation
Chanel: Reincarnation

After that, in March 2015, she finally gets some lengthy time on the screen with her role in ‘The face of Angel’. While the movie itself didn’t get many good reviews, Cara’s performance did.

Lastly, there’s the coming movie ‘Paper Towns‘, a mystery-romantic movie where she plays the role of Margo, the seductive neighbor with whom the main character falls in love. Apparently, her audition for this role captivated John Green, the director. It seems that it won’t disappoint you! Shall we give it a chance? What do you think?

Paper Towns
Paper Towns

Besides, for the upcoming months, Cara Delevigne is already preparing new appearances, like the starring at ‘Tulip Fever’, which will make us discover her true potential!

Written by Natalia Sanchez

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