How to Match Cropped Jeans with the Right Shoes

Bored of your typical jeans? This season, designers decided to crop flared jeans at the ankle to give your footwear a chance to shine. Here are our favorite pairings.

Cropped JeansFor a Sunday brunch, a pair of simple wide leg cropped jeans with stylish clogs.

Cropped Jeans

For a night out with the girls, why not pair these cool denim culottes with a wine ankle boots.

Cropped Jeans

Are you going shopping today? Keep it simple with a monochromatic outfit, a pair of dark cropped jeans with the same color booties. Comfort is key here.

Cropped JeansYou may not see this on a red carpet in Cannes, but if you want to just go see a movie with friends, pair some ripped-cropped jeans with these edgy buckled boots.

Cropped JeansShort day at work and plans after? Wear a pair of simple flared jeans with your highest heels to strut your figure. Tan and blue is a timeless combination.

Cropped JeansSpring has come, and the family decided to have a barbecue, why not dress in light washed cropped jeans with a comfortable peep-toe heel.

Cropped JeansTo a casual fashion event, wear your favorite cropped jumpsuit with a pair of fierce but chic short boots.

Written by Nadine Fakih

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