5 Must-Have Accessories for Summer 2015

As the weather heats up, women everywhere throw off their wool coats and heavy sweaters in favor of cool and breezy summer styles. Of course, not everyone has the cash to invest in a whole new summer wardrobe every year. However, you can focus on fashionable add-ons to freshen up your look without breaking the bank. Bags, shoes and other accessories will allow you to try new trends without spending a fortune or taking a major fashion risk. 1. Light Summer Scarf Light summer scarves serve as the perfect way to add eye-catching color to everyday outfits. Wrap a lightweight scarf around your neck to dress up jeans and a tee, or wear one with your favorite dress to stay warm in overly air-conditioned buildings. Scarves also make great belts to add a pop of color to your outfit. Look for materials like silk or cotton for scarves that will last for multiple seasons, and be sure to try a few trendy options like ethnic prints and designs with bold colors.

Ted Baker Scarf: www.asos.com
Ted Baker Scarf: 63$

2. Floppy Hat Nothing says summer chic quite like an oversized floppy hat. This classic favorite adds a touch of elegance to even the most casual outfit, and it looks just as good at an outdoor wedding as it does on the beach. Also, wide hats protects you from the sun, which helps in preveting skin damage. Try a classic straw hat for a timeless look, or choose raffia hats in white, black or neutral shades for a slightly dressier style.

ASOS Felt Floppy Hat With Color Block Ribbon: 40$
ASOS Felt Floppy Hat With Color Block Ribbon: 40$

3. Small Clutch Leave the over-sized handbags at home this summer and lighten your load with a classic clutch. These small bags hold only the essentials, allowing you to travel light and easy during the hot days of summer. Traditional models fit neatly in one hand or can be tucked under your arm, while other clutches come with a simple chain or strap to keep your hands free. Choose a basic clutch in a neutral shade for an always-fashionable bag which you can use year after year, or try out trends that are hot right now with neon-colored clutches or straw bags with wooden or leather trim.

ALDO Bright Beaded Box Clutch: 77$
ALDO Bright Beaded Box Clutch: 77$

4. Wedge Sandals The wedge sandal is the best choice between traditional high heels and summer’s casual flip-flops or flats. Wedges are comfortable enough for a walk in the park, yet stylish enough to make jeans, dresses and shorts look fashionable. The thick wooden base prevents the discomfort of high heels, while the strappy designs add style to any outfit. Spice things up with trendy versions made from animal skins, floral prints or bright neon colors, or choose wedges made from classic materials like leather, cork and canvas for shoes that will last for seasons to come.

ASOS HAWK EYE Wedges: 63$
ASOS HAWK EYE Wedges: 63$

5. Sunglasses Sunglasses are the ultimate must-have accessory for summer. Not only do they protect your eyes and help minimize skin damage, but a great pair of shades simply makes you look cool in a way no other accessory can. With so many designs and materials to choose from, trying on different looks is half the fun. Retro styles are especially hot right now (1960s-inspired cat’s eye design). For a more wearable, but still trendy, look, try aviators or sunglasses with circular lenses. If you prefer a classic pair of shades that will always be in fashion, you can’t go wrong with slightly over-sized sunglasses with black or tortoiseshell frames.

ASOS Round Cat Eye Sunglasses In Mixed Frame: 22$
ASOS Round Cat Eye Sunglasses In Mixed Frame: 22$

All of the accessories listed above are found on: www.asos.com   Written by Nadine Fakih

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