Is quotidian the new high fashion accessory ?

On a regular shoot day, atop a sea of sequined couture, lush with embroidery, lay an anomaly.  A Yazbukey clutch shaped as a medicine pill engraved with the words ‘Feel Flawless, 50mg’ struck out from all the fragile sumptuousness. Don’t be fooled, that clutch belongs there as much as it’s handcrafted neighbors. Mundane objects are incorporating themselves into our lives in more ways than one, The Chanel milk carton, a perspex water mellon slice or more commonly a metallic cassette player that masquerades as box clutch. (Read also about accessories seen in the fashion week here)

is Fall/Winter 2014-2015 women's ready-to-wear collection for French fashion house Chanel at the Grand Palais transformed into a "Chanel Shopping Center" during Paris Fashion Week
Chanel F/W 2014
Quirky Chanel bags

Born out of kitsch and little knickknacks from our childhood, the trend of everyday objects is ruling the fashion sphere. Streetstyle images from the recently concluded fashion weeks all feature some interesting arm-candy standing out on strangely minimalist outfits, the clutch is the queen of the day!

Screen shot 2012-02-01 at 11.34.41 AM
Yazbukey bag
Moschino F/W 2014

What gave birth to this trend? It all started when Chanel presented it’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection last year. A supermarket of enormous proportions was built as a set, and everything stocked was of course Chanel, we’re talking everything from earbuds to cleverly packed purses that resembled meat in plastic packaging. Each piece of grocery bore the exquisite Chanel logo, as supermodels paraded down the isle pushing carts with piles of these lust-worthy rations. An ingenious theme of everyday chores were instantly uplifted to look like something glamorous and the models appeared chic in torn up leggings and colorful trainers.

But Chanel is not the only legion to play on the lines of this topic, Moschino,under the artistic direction of Jeremy Scott sent down their models  with little pouch bags resembling McDonald’s fries. It is an interesting phenomenon to notice how things of necessity are being created into thing sod desire, objects that in reality are not only affordable but often negligible, and are now becoming coveted fashion statements.

Anya Hindmarch bags
Anya Hindmarch bags
Coco Cola clutch bags

As highstreet brands gain pace and spread fast fashion fever amongst consumers, this new trend seems to be a celebration of consumerism on a whole new level. But it’s not just the fashion brands that are the ones promoting this eccentric phenomenon, Coco Cola has previously collaborated with many designers including Karl Lagerfeld and ‘Sex & the City’ stylist Patricia Fields to produce special edition bottles. It now has quirky little clutches in the shape of it’s signature cans.

British designer Anya Hindmarch‘s handbags, have carved a niche of their own. The eclectic bag expert gained much popularity after she produced her famous Kellogg’s cereal box purses. Since then she uses this as her design aesthetic creating one outlandish piece of clutch after another that have almost made her a synonymous name for the same. Fashion gains inspiration from the strangest of objects and inspiration comes with no warning. From now on, you’ll definitely not look at your Snickers bar the same way.


Written by Tanya Mehta

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