Three must-go Parisian outdoor bars

Aren’t you tired of going to the same indoor places in Paris? Now that the weather is getting warmer, get out of your shells, and experience the outdoor bars and lounges which are now opened. Here are three suggestions of places we tested for you.

1. Le Perchoir

This bar in the Oberkampf area is a wide open rooftop with panoramic 360° view over the beautiful Paris. Discovering such a place is a must, although you need to wait for quite a while before you are seated. On a warm evening, many people are craving to find a table in the limited space the bar provides. It is probably because it has become a trend in Paris to open places hidden from the street and known only to insiders. Address: 14 rue Crespin du Gast, 75011 Paris

Le PerchoirLe Perchoir


2. Bagatelle

This lounge/club is only open from mid-April to mid-October. Go out to Bois de Boulogne and experience an amazing night among trees with the best DJs in Paris. We promise your night will be unforgettable. Address: 42 Route de Sevres, 75116 Paris.

BagatelleMansion_Paris_03 Bagatelle

3. Faust

Whether after work or after dinner, Wednesdays at Faust outdoor lounge is the place to be. This is a lounge along the Seine, located under the Alexandre III bridge , the most iconic bridge in Paris. Although you can go to Faust any time of the week, it is only on Wednesdays that they open their outdoor seating overlooking the breathtaking Parisian sunset. Address: Pont Alexandre III

Faust Faust Faust

Hope you will enjoy our tips for unforgettable Parisian nights.

By Nadine Fakih

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