5 Ways To Wear Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks were definitely an “it” item in the 1990s, one that we never expected to see on the feet of the world’s top style-setters. In fact, they were categorized as the general fashion “don’ts”. However, these days the trend is definitely at its tipping point, as everyone from Givenchy to Zara are making versions of the shoe, and street style stars can’t get enough of them. Think you can’t pull off the style? Here are 5 ways to wear Birkenstocks this spring, and still look totally chic.

1. With athletic inspired pants.

Give athletic pants a chic spin with a slogan t-shirt and a classic pair of Birkenstocks. Keep the color palette black and white to reach the minimalist look that makes this outfit perfect.

Minimal look black-white pants
Minimal look black-white pants

2. With dressy shorts.

Style Birkenstocks with a pair of dressy shorts in leather, lace, or crochet, for a put together weekend outfit. A collared shirt will pull the whole thing together.

Night Out Outfit
Weekend Outfit

3. With a menswear inspired tuxedo jacket

Add a new spin to a pantsuit, or a more casual tuxedo jacket and jeans combo, adding a pair of Birkenstocks to finish the look. It’s perfect for a casual day.

Casual Outfit
Casual Outfit

4. With a slip dress

Put on a sexy  slip dress during the day adding a pair of Birkenstocks. This is a great outfit for a casual first date, or for running summer errands.

Casual Summer Days
Casual Summer Days

5. With a sexy skirt.

Do you have a sexy mini-skirt that you are looking to make less sultry? Birkenstocks are a great way to do just that.

Sexy Mini Skirt and Birks
Sexy Mini Skirt and Birks


Written by Nadine Fakih

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