HyperGeneration | IFA Paris Défilé 2015

So much talent have been seen in the last edition of the IFA Paris fashion show where the Bachelor fashion design students were able to show the work into which they had put their effort throughout the year. And, in fact, they didn’t disappoint at all!

The event was called “HyperGeneration” and was celebrated last Monday June 29th. Parents, as well as the other students of the school — as you can imagine, we, the Global Fashion Media students, were all there — attended this fantastic venue where the show took place. This venue, Maison des Métallos in the 11th “arrondissemen”, which was used for previous school shows, has an ample space with white structures forming a minimalistic ambiance where the natural light coming though glass panels around the room give a special classy touch.

The show was composed of a limited number of outfits from a selected group of designers of the Bachelor programme. There was no interruption between each designer’s outfits other than the change of the music according to the style of every collection.

As mentioned before, the students showed an inclination for the minimalistic style, making it become the predominant element in the whole parade. We saw total-black outfits with half faces covered and leather details for a more agressive look, geometrical combinations of neutral colors, new cuts on white garments combined with shiny fabrics, a more graphic and colorful style of minimalist and also urban minimalistic style with oversized elements and see-through shapes, never-ending sleeves and skirts as well as dresses for men. We could also admire new fluid and layered shapes with structured and voluminous fabrics, more related to nature –still in neutral colors, white masks with curved horns combined with whites and dark blues, also an original new take on military uniforms combining some colors, and Asian faces on pleated fabrics, creating a very cool effect –this one I personally think was impressive! And in between all these different approaches of the minimalist style, we could see a more bohemian collection displaying wool and some fur in a rural way.

I would have loved to see more variety but in general I really enjoyed all the collections and I think we have really good talents in the school! Hope to see more soon.

Written by Natalia Sanchez

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