Featured Blogger: Tine Andrea of Thefashioneaters

Tine Andrea, of Thefashioneaters, launched her blog in 2006 and is now extremely popular amongst her Norwegian community, as well as in other parts of the world. Aside from blogging, she has interests in music, art and interior design and finds inspiration in every aspect of her daily life. Tine, now 25 years old, works as a fashion writer and stylist on top of managing her blog, and she told us all about it! Featured Blogger: Tine Andrea of Thefashioneaters


Q. How did you end up getting to where you are today?

T.A. I first started blogging when I was 16 years old. After a couple of years, my blog became really big in Norway, but it got a little overwhelming and I was not at a place in life where I could handle the work that came with it. I took a break when I was around 20 years old and started it up again at age 23 with new motivation and energy! And now I just love it.


Q. Where are you and Thefashioneaters currently based?

T.A. I am based in Norway, in a town called Trondheim. Beautiful rivers, art and incredible architecture surround Trondheim. I find inspiration everywhere I go!


Q. Where do you get the inspiration for your personal style and for the topics you write about?
T.A. Oh, everywhere! Blogs, fashion sites, art, in the streets, on the runway or just from music! Wherever you turn there is inspiration! You just have to look closely.


Featured Blogger: Tine Andrea of ThefashioneatersQ. As a stylist, do you have a favorite memory or collaboration from when you were styling for a company (or photographer/designer/etc.)?
T.A. Yes! I had a styling collaboration with a famous Norwegian artist it was so cool! With bear paws, leather and faux fur it turned out to be really different and fun!

Q. Who is your favorite designer and why?

T.A. I really like Vivienne Westwood for her raw designs and creativity, but one designer I adore and will always have a little crush on is Nicolas Ghesquière. He is a genius in both tailoring and creativity.


Q. Your advice for a 20-something year old:

T.A. A life without exploring the world is like reading a book with only one page! Never forget to broaden your horizon, because inspiration can be just around the corner!



Written by Jessica Manno


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