7 trends for guys to keep it warm and cool this winter

Kenzo / Ann Demeulemeester / Dries Van Noten / Christophe Lemaire / Haider Ackermann
Kenzo / Ann Demeulemeester / Dries van Noten / Christophe Lemaire / Haider Ackermann

With the winter season just around the corner and the latest collections for men hitting window displays, you may be seeking for an update on your wardrobe, but with so many options out there this can become a daunting task. Before you burn out your brains out, keep in mind these seven trends for the season that will come in handy not only to keep you warm, but to keep it cool as well

  • Fur will make a statement. It will be present in all kinds of fashion pieces from accessories to large garments. If you are not into overwhelming yourself with fuzz, you can try some items incorporating small details made of this material, they will bring out some texture, as well as adding a dashing touch that will not go unnoticed.


  • For those rejoicing on the silky touch of the fabrics they wear, there is good news—velvet has made its way from the runways to the stores.


  • Next one will hardly be disregarded by most guys: Baggy clothes, especially trousers, are hot (or cool, why not?) this season.
Ferragamo / Fendi / Burberry / Emporio Armani / Dolce e Gabbana
Ferragamo / Fendi / Burberry / Emporio Armani / Dolce e Gabbana
  • Oversized pockets call out for attention. Many designers have chosen to feature them on different shapes and places. This can prove very useful in case that carrying a bag is not your thing, but in fact have the need to store larger items with you, maybe?


  • Square patterns, a staple in a gentleman’s wardrobe, are not quite an innovation, though they certainly bring balance to a composition otherwise dominated by the laid-back silhouettes.


  • The knee-length coat. If you plan on getting a new coat for the winter, consider getting one that is cut just at knee-length. It will make you look sharp and modern.The cool colors of the season are undoubtedly burgundy and olive. Both of them are deep and rich, giving a hint of mystery to an overall look. Make sure to get some pieces in these hues.


So now it is time to go out and see it for yourself. Whether you are up for window shopping, go over department stores or browsing through e-retailers, either way experiment and have fun!


By David Requena


Issey Miyake / Louis Vuitton / Lanvin / Phillip Lim / Kris van Assche
Issey Miyake / Louis Vuitton / Lanvin / Phillip Lim / Kris van Assche

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