& Other Stories’ exciting collaboration for Spring 2016

& Other Stories x Rodarte
This picture expresses perfectly the mood of & Other Stories’ inspirations. Photo credit: ohmymag.com

Exciting news for you fashion lovers out there, the trendy brand & Other Stories has just announced their collaboration with the famous LA-based fashion house Rodarte for Spring 2017.

The little sister of H&M, as people from the fashion industry like to call the fairly new brand & Other Stories (which is part of the H&M group by the way), has already done some great collaborations in the past seasons: with the jewelry genius Lara Melchior, the shoe designer Richard Braqo, the cool Californian designer Clare Vivier and the stylist and fashion consultant Ada Kokosar (still available on their website if you’re interested), but it’s the first time they are collaborating with a big fashion house like Rodarte.

“We don’t have many details about the release, but it’s the very first time we collaborate with a big brand, so we can expect the event to be as bold and successful as the H&M collaborations” said the manager of the & Other Stories store here in Paris.

So what can we expect from this co-lab ? Rodarte is well-known to create modern, feminine and audacious clothes with a touch of cool LA kind of vibe. So we will probably see a lot of lace, and bold patterns mixed with different materials in a very elegant way.

Kate and Laura Mulleavy from Rodarte
Rodarte’s founders and art directors: the sister Mulleavy. Photo credit: rodarte.net

Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the founders and actual art directors of Rodarte are really looking forward to this collaboration: “Through this special collaboration with & Other Stories’ unique positioning in the fashion landscape has allowed us to creat a truly special collection”

The first pieces haven’t been reveled yet, but we can imagine they will be as audacious, poetic and brilliant, as the two fashion houses are.

Written by Amina Sutter

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