My John Galliano Experience – Spring summer 2016 Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week: well what can I say ? It’s the unique experience every fashion geek wants to attend. On the 4th of October my guardian angel came down from the sky and delivered two invitations for the John Galliano fashion show. My friend and I could not believe it, we were photographing street style when a random woman came over and gave us these invitations.
Arriving at location at the Palais de Tokyo, we felt so privileged. While waiting in the queue I started dreaming about the amazing adventure I was going to experience. People surrounding me had a classic and sophisticated look and women were so glamorous. I was living the dream!

John Galliano Spring Summer 2016 - Paris Fashion Week
John Galliano transparent blue outfit with a policeman helmet on a British theme

My friend and I were one of the first to enter the room, and another surprise came: are seats were FRONT ROW! What a chance! I was sitting opposite the editor in chief of Elle Denmark and her assistant.

The music starts, on a lively remix of Twist and Shout from the Beatles. The lights are bright and the show begins.

John Galliano Spring Summer 2016 - Paris Fashion Week
A little bit of rock’n’roll attitude going on here!

The feel of the show was a return to John Galliano’s roots. The founder of the brand wanted to represent the British wild fashion everybody is familiar with and current artistic director, Bill Gaytten, portrayed a variant to fit the lifestyle of a younger target. The collection was kept minimalistic and neutral (concerning hair and makeup). From tailoring to punk, from uniforms to undressed, the British look was reinterpreted. Seeing the thin fabrics, laces, beads, punky jackets and Royal Guardian hats, I must say mission accomplished.

I will definitely keep a good memory of my first fashion show, hoping I’ll be living this dream more than once.

John Galliano Spring Summer 2016 - Paris Fashion Week
Transparent Blue dress
John Galliano Spring Summer 2016 - Paris Fashion Week
Bright and colourful dress perfect for summer!

Written by Emilie Heyl

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