“Midnight Maje” capsule collection: not so special after all

Like every winter the French label Maje, which is part of the SMCP group, just went out with a capsule collection for the Holidays, called “Midnight Maje”. If you’re already familiar with the brand and its style, you know what to expect: lace, fringes, metallics and leather; a rock chic collection with a bohemian spirit. There are 28 pieces in total with a price range from 65 to 450 euros (already available on their website, if you want to have a look). So if you’re a fashion lover, this should be great news right?

The Manhattan top paired with the Jared skirt. Photo credit: fr.maje.co

Well, the reality behind this is not that exciting. I have to say, I was pretty skeptical when I received an e-mail from Maje stating that they were coming up with a “brand new capsule collection” for the holidays. First of all because they do this every year, just like Sandro and Claudie Pierlot (remember SMCP? It stands for Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot. I wonder why they are doing exactly the same thing at the same moment…) so there’s nothing new here.

Regie dress with the Luis gilet, and Fifi boots. Photo credits: fr.maje.com

Being a pretty curious young woman, I went on their website to have a look at this “special collection”.  I was looking forward to being surprised, and maybe finding the one piece to wear at Christmas or New Year’s Eve.  And well, the collection didn’t seem so special to me – actually the pieces looked all very familiar. But why ?

Basically because the Maje took the exact same items from past collections, changed some details and came up with their “brand new special capsule collection”. For instance, for those of you who remember the famous Rayure dress (it was sold out in all  Parisian shops) from last winter, here’s the Rezzano dress: same pattern, same material, same color, but with a touch of gold… Same thing for the Ricochet dress: they proposed an identical dress last year but in a thicker material. The Vilma jacket is basically the Rodeo dress from AW14 but in a blazer form.

The Rezzano dress. Photo credits: fr.maje.com

Overall, this collection is nothing but pure marketing strategy to me, they just came up with a cool name “Midnight Maje”, to make you think that you need these items for your Christmas family dinner or to party for New Year’s Eve. Not that the collection is not pretty, of course it is, they are the kings of mixing boho and rock in a very elegant way, but it’s not so special in my opinion. I’m looking forward to the day Maje will be coming up with a brand new piece of clothing, not one that has just been reshaped or recolored…


Written by Amina Sutter

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