Must-have workout outfits of the season

Wearing work out garments elsewhere than in the gym has never been more chic. Since 2014 with Chanel’s mock-up supermarché and its sporty stylish theme, Karl Lagerfeld seemed to impose one of the trends that apparently came to stay for a long time. From LA to Paris people in streets seem to have adopted this style; the evidence is everywhere you look. Women are pairing their Nike Frees and Stan Smiths with more elegant pieces for a neat look.

Apparently leggings are replacing denim, and this probably because women not only search fashion but also a comfortable outfit that can be easily used in their busy lifestyles. Check out these street shots of women of Paris to inspire your style:

Women’s body ideals are changing and exercise is often a regular part in women’s daily lives. Athleisure trend is a perfect example of this phenomenon. In the 90’s the ideal body type was skinny, whereas now women aim for more of a toned look, this is probably why activewear has had a noticeable growth in the last couple of years. According to NPD, (an agency that provides marketing information) the global activewear market will reach $178 billion by 2019. Athleisure will probably stay around for several seasons, but the good thing is you can add your own twist to your outfit.

The following are some of the trends you should probably check out if you are hitting the gym and of course to get that great sporty look:

Mesh leggings

What makes them so special? well, its strategically located mesh panel promises to keep you cool during your hard workouts.

Harem pants

Looking for a new cool alternative to your yoga pants? Harem Pants are the right choice for you whether you are attending the studio or you just want to be a little bit more comfy.


Bold Prints and patterns leggings

Don’t drown yourself in black this season, refresh your wardrobe and  pick some leggings with cool and fun patterns.

By Marilyn Rios

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