5 ways to dress for the perfect date

It’s finally Friday night, you’ve been waiting for this day to happen. The clock hits 5:00 and it’s time for you to get ready. First dates… nerve-wracking to some, especially when it comes to thinking of an outfit. “Am I too dressy or too casual?” “ Is he going to like my outfit or not?” Few of the many questions that leave a girl speculating on whether or not she shall grab his attention. Worry no more, because here are 5 tips for you to leave your house with great confidence and ease, as well as making those jaws of his drop down to the floor with the first glance.

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First things first, every girl especially one that claims to be a “fashionista” herself owns a pair of fitted denims and basic white T. You can never go wrong with such a basic look, especially with these few additives that make you stand out from the rest. Mix it with a pair of black or nude pumps, oversized shades, shoulder bag, and give it a smart touch by putting on your gold watch. And of course you can always have your “Lenny Kravitz” look a like oversized scarf.

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Second on the list is an item found in most households—an oversized shirt. It’s always nice to have one of these that you can dress up or dress down. Wear the shirt as a dress mixed with some elements that make your outfit personal. Some knee-high black boots, with a big bag to go with the oversized look. Or you can always throw them over a pair of denim jeans, some nice pair of ballerinas and a simple clutch to complete the look.

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Knitwear, the definition of comfort and chic that will leave you at the most of ease during your date. If you don’t at least have one knitted sweater, go to the nearest mall and grab yourself one. This is one item you will be sure to get a good use out of. Style it up with a nice pair of sneakers and complete it with a fedora. This look works best on a nice day date, sitting out on the terrace of a café enjoying that tasty glass of wine, you’ll be sure to know that comfort and class are at your side.

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Ah the jumpsuit, known to be a classical item in the women’s world. This is one of the easiest yet sexiest outfits to pull off. No need to think of any additive items, just throw them on, tone it up with a pair of chic heels, or keep it simple with a pair of sneakers. Shoulder bag and don’t forget the jewelry to make your style all the more personal. And of course a nice matching scarf, in case it gets cold, and you don’t want to ask for his jacket.

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Finally this is the Holy Grail to the fashion world, the little black dress. Designed by the most iconic fashion figure, Coco Chanel, the LBD has taken much success that through history it has been modified and tweaked in several ways to adapt to fashion styles of the time. This is your safest bet ever, whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or not, if you want to play it safe and not sure of your styling skills, put on that LBD of yours, and you’ll be sure to look your best. With heels, a black handbag and some shades you’ll be out for the kill.


So with these 5 easy outfits avoid many hours in front of the cabinet worrying about what to look like for your first date. Easy, simple and chic these are the few items every girl owns that can be dressed for different occasions of the day.

Written by Karim Kurdi






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