When In Rome Walk The Streets Of Paris With Chanel

This Tuesday Karl Lagerfeld presented his ‘Once and Forever‘ short film in Rome at Cinecittà cinema complex. Theater number five – off course.

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‘Once and Forever’ takes the audience through a journey of the making of a film about Coco Chanel and her meeting with Etienne, the love of her life. The short film is divided into two sections, one where we can see the crew members working on set. On the other hand, we see the actual film they are making which is represented in black and white. This is how you can distinguish the two films. Karl Lagerfeld created a two in one film, which can be disturbing because we are not sure if the actresses play a role or are true to their attitudes. We meet Coco Chanel at two different moments of her life which is why in the film she is interpreted by two actresses: Kristen Stewart plays a spoiled actress cast as the young Coco Chanel, and Geraldine Chaplin embodies the older version of the iconic designer. The movie shows the difference between the two actresses’ appearance and reveals the real Coco Chanel as a very humble, yet still very demanding person. Overall the film really illustrates the struggle to make everything perfect which is a direct parallel to Coco Chanel and her work.

For the film “Once and Forever”, Karl Lagerfeld drew from the unique heritage of Maison Chanel. Kristen Stewart and Geraldine Chaplin wore designs dating from 1900 to 1960.

“The vintage couture pieces were jaw dropping. I could feel the history with every step. To look through the archives is one enormous privilege but to actually feel them. Wear them. Hold them. It’s priceless” said Kristen Stewart to Chanel-News. See more styles from the film at Chanel-News.

‘Once and Forever’ is presented in beautiful brown colors, corresponding to the 2015/16 Métiers d’Art collection by Chanel. On Tuesday 1st of December Chanel also presented their 2015/16 Métiers d’Art show in Rome where Karl Lagerfeld turned the Italian location into small authentic streets of Paris.
Photo Credit: Chanel Official Instagram

Photo Credit: Chanel Official Instagram



Written by Emilie Elmquist