“Volez Voguez Voyagez”: The New Louis Vuitton exhibition at Grand Palais

Louis-Vuitton-Volez-Voguez-Voyagez Exhibition

Take part in a magical journey through the archives of Louis Vuitton in the new exhibition called “Volez Voguez Voyagez” at Grand Palais, which showcases numerous items of the brand’s one and a half century old heritage, strongly linked to the experiences of traveling. When walking through each of the halls you will discover the various inspirations and applications that surround Louis Vuitton’s original pieces, as well as the creative minds behind the brand from its conception in 1854 until today.


When you first walk in, you face an enormous flat trunk, the classical piece that made Louis Vuitton known as the master of modern luggage, soon after he founded his company. From their early beginnings, Louis Vuitton’s designs were acknowledged and favored by important people not only for their ergonomic approach, but also for their beauty. The founder of this world-wide known French maison paid utmost attention to the object’s mobility, strength and lightness, as well as to the quality of his chosen materials. These principles were key to the success of the brand and prevail until today.  


As you continue walking through the halls, you will come across all sorts of items from the tools used on the original ateliers, old pictures and experimental pieces, to iconic products from the brand, which will guide you through the evolution of Louis Vuitton’s focus on innovation. You will see for yourself how the concept of travel is deeply imprinted in the brand’s DNA and how its creations have been tailored to suit the needs of all kinds of transportation from boats, to cars and eventually airplanes. It is interesting to know that the house has developed a vast assortment of packaging for almost every category of item: we can think of—hats, shoes, entire wardrobes, mirrors, writing machines, musical instruments and even paintings—in all sizes and shapes.  


In fact, the reputation the brand has built is not only due to its technical reliability, but also to its stylistic inventiveness. In this exhibition you can find a wide array of samples of the earliest motifs, as well as of the iconic designs like the Damier, the Monogram, and of course, the LV insignia; all of them flowing seamlessly across the Louis Vuitton universe. You will explore several collaborations between the house and artists like Takashi Murakami, Richard Prince and Damien Hirst, and watch how the maison’s success led to further diversification to several other categories of decorative arts, spanning from bottle designs to the relatively recent development of its ready-to-wear lines.


Louis-Vuitton-Volez-Voguez-Voyagez_MurakamiThis is indeed a beautifully staged journey through the history of the most powerful luxury brand in the world, which has just opened yesterday at the Grand Palais and will remain there for you to enjoy until February 21st, 2016. If you love both the art of traveling and fashion, you should definitely pay a visit to this outstanding exhibition.

Written by David Requena

“Volez Voguez Voyagez”
Grand Palais / Entrée Square Jean-Perrin
From December 4, 2015 to February 21, 2016

Open: Mon-Thu-Sun from 10am to 8pm
and Wed-Fri-Sat from 10am to 10pm
Closed on Tuesday



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