Add some Christmas spice to your winter wardrobe

Christmas is well on its way and we have hit December, the month of being merry and showing some Christmas spirit. For all you fashionistas out there that aren’t fond of the kitsch Christmas jumpers, here’s a list of festive items you can add to your wardrobe to show your Christmas spirit. Oh and the items I’ve selected for you won’t effect your budget, so you can show off your merry self, without denting your bank account.

Let’s start off with something subtle. For our readers that aren’t the showy type, add some tinsel to your attire and get some earrings from Claire’s. At only €7 these are the perfect way to add some cinnamon spice to your Christmas look. Since they come in the cutest reindeer red nose spotted box, you can also give them to someone you love; after all, Christmas is about giving and this is the perfect stocking stuffer.

Claire's Christmas earrings
Claire’s Christmas earrings (credit:Claires)

Seasons greetings from Uniqlo with some red, 100% cashmere, knit gloves from just €25. With a hint of colour, this is an easy way to spread some Christmas love. Pair your knitted hand warmers with anything from a little black dress to keep things formal, or your favorite camel coat and knitted sweater. These red gloves might be worth the extra spend this year because a little Christmas angel told me that red is the new black this season.

Christmas bag and gloves
Christmas bag and gloves (credit:pinterest)

Let’s rejoice about the bag. Get your hands on fall/winters trendy bag wrapped in red. Psssst just so you know there is the cutest genuine leather ones available at Galleries Lafayette. If you’re looking for a clutch or handbag, get yours there starting at only €15.

Christmas nail polish
Paint your nails and (mistle) toes (credit:pinterest)

Finally, why not add some colour with Essie’s red nail polish. For fingers or your (mistle) toes, this is another perfect way to be subtle whilst dressing for the season.

I hope this list has helped you,. Feel free to comment on ways that you’ve added the festive season to your chic wardrobe. Looking forward to hearing your ideas! If you need advice on gift ideas, keep your eyes open for an upcoming post.


By Hailey Jane Edy


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    1. Yes it is a really nice color and it will be perfect for the christmas period
      Maybe a christmas present to add to your christmas list !


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