Christmas is coming and as every year, many cities hold their special Christmas markets. People are looking for the unique objects to make their Christmas decorations special. But as always around this period, finding the perfect Christmas decoration is not easy and you must ask yourselves: where should I go ?


There is a special place in Naples, where it is possible to find something that you will never find in other cities, where Christmas is more Christmassy than anywhere else: street San Gregorio Armeno. Here, there are a lot of Christmas shops that sell the cribs and creative nativity figures.

What’s the crib ?
Usually for Christmas the people have a Christmas tree, but in Naples the tradition is to have a Jesus crib. Traditional characters such Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, the sleeping shepherd, and three wise men surround baby Jesus in his cot. But everyone knows that the fantasy of the Neapolitans is amazing and further the traditional characters, in San Gregorio Armeno it is possible to find unusual figures, such as: football players, politicians, or film stars.

What is the price?
Don’t worry, it is possible to buy creative nativity figures for only 5 to 10 euros. But if you feel like spending more, you can pop in different shops like Ferrigno or Maddaloni, famous for their elegant creations made by the finest materials of Naples.


Pit-stop for pizza and pastries


Now after visiting this amazing market, you must surely feel tired and hungry. Head straight to the nearest pizzeria because come on you are in Naples and they have the best pizzas in the world. And for desert, if I can give you a piece of advice, try the deep-fried “ zeppola“, one of the city’s favorite festive cakes.


Written by Michele Borrelli

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