Christmas holiday in Shanghai, why not?

It’s that time of the year again when you are thinking of taking a trip for the Christmas Holiday because you know  every place will be closed and everybody will be off work. It is a quiet moment of the year, right? Then an Eureka moment just flashes through your mind: why not spending a vacation in a city that never sleeps ?  I’m not talking about New York but a city in Asia – more precisely, Shanghai.

The Christkindlmrkt, the most common Christmas market in Shanghai. Image credited to Chinahighlights

Packing for a trip across the continent would be hard, and, there is an essential question going through your mind: what will I wear? Well, obviously, winter still lingers its cold in that part of the world, so a warm, cozy coat would appear to be first choice. Your coat will give you extra strength in the chill weather while wandering around the French Concession of Shanghai, about the only place in China where you can have a feeling you are back in Europe. Also make sure to pack nice and confortable boots to help you move around the city easier. Indeed, you will need the comfy shoes to discover the Christmas markets of Shanghai (Yes, there are a lot of them). There, you can buy something authentic coming from China as a souvenirs or for you own pleasure.

The French Concession of Shanghai. Image credited to TimeoutShanghai

While searching for information about Shanghai, you could easily realise that Christmas is not an official holiday in China, yet its spirit is getting popular among the Chinese in recent years. People are going out for Christmas and most restaurants offer special menus for the holiday season. If you decided to go halfway of the globe for exotic experiences, then you should give yourself a little treat in the restaurants where you can find exotic food. You can choose Western-style restaurant if you feel like you need a taste from home, or you can challenge yourself with chopsticks and local cuisine in a Chinese restaurant.

You can find food everywhere in Shanghai. Image credited to Shanghaihightlights. Photo taken by Wendy Song

Then, after dinner, you can’t go back to the hotel just yet, it’s Shanghai, the city that never sleeps. Put on your lipstick, button up your coat, take with you a hat in case it snows or the night just gets colder. Time for a party! A wide range of entertainment is waiting for you, DJ shows, techno music, happy hours, and even pillow fight parties.  So you will be kept active all night long!

For your Christmas holiday, there is no need to keep yourself caged in a place which is familiar. Treat yourself to a nice trip to the other side of the world and bring all your favorite clothes with you. However, if you are looking for a sunny and tropical destination where you can hide away from the cold, we also have a post about it here. Be strong, be bold, and may fashion be with you 😉

shanghai collage
Suggested things for a trip to Shanghai. Garments could be found on Farfetch and Lyst

Written by Trang Nguyen

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