Christmas Makeup Inspiration 

An example of a makeup look for Christmas

Christmas, as described by many, is the great joyous season of celebration, and great merriment. It’s a time of giving and sharing, throwing parties and anticipating the arrival of a new year. There’s a lot of pressure to look good, since you will be meeting a lot of friends and family. If you’re planning to look different this Christmas and add a bit of colour to your look, get in the spirit and try new and bold colours that you have probably never tried before.


For the eyes, you can either go smokey or go home, just kidding. A lot of people are usually afraid of adding glitter or a little bit of sparkle to their eye shadow, but since we are in the Christmas spirit it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to use a green eye shadow in teal, or in any shade you feel comfortable with. You can wear the shadows as one shade, or layered to give a gradient effect.

Smoky eyes


If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can add some glitter to the mix to give you that celebratory look.



Red or berry lips are bold colours that can almost never go out of fashion, it can either be matte or glossy, but one thing can be assured, you will definitely stand out.

Glossy lips



If your eyes and lips are bold, it would definitely be a makeup faux pas if you don’t keep other parts of your face neutral. Apply a coat of pressed powder to add some colour to your skin and finish it off with a light layer of bronzer.

An example of a makeup look for Christmas


I hope you all have a colourful Christmas!


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Written by Yejide Erogbogbo

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