10 fashionable gift ideas for Christmas

Fashionable Christmas Gifts.jpg

December is here, and the Christmas count down has begun. From now on, finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend, BFF, sister or daughter can be quite tricky. Obviously you don’t want to disappoint her and/or find your gift a few days after Christmas on eBay. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

1) A pair of Frends Layla Headphones, to keep her ears warm.

2) An iPhone case by The Case Factory, to have her phone covered.

3) A sparkly nail polish from Nails Inc, to shine even in the darkness of winter.

4) The latest Vogue Covers book, to always be inspired.

5) A Fendi Momento Bug watch, for her wrist to be on fleek.

6) A Tom Ford Costa Azzura perfume, to decorate her dresser.

7) A pair of Adidas’ Stan Smith, because it’s never too late.

8) A Christmas limited edition Diptyque candle, to warm the long winter nights.

9) An Aesop Andromeda beauty kit, to take cool Instagram pictures with it.

10) A Burberry eyeshadow palette, because there is no such thing as too much make-up!


Written by Amina Sutter

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