Malta : destination sunshine

It’s now winter and we (here in Paris at least) don’t see much sun. I thought I´d try to brighten up your day by sharing my trip to Malta with you. Here’s a list of things I saw and did in Malta, Gozo and the Comino islands. Malta is one of the most southern points of Europe so it makes for a warm destination most of the year round. I visited this blue water heaven in September earlier this year, and will definitely be back.

Early my first morning there, I woke up to an array of rainbow boxed windows in Valetta, the capital of Malta. The streets are illuminated by these tiny balcony boxes which can be found in almost every street of this old town.

Streets of Valetta, Malta

A wonder around the town makes for the perfect mid-morning hike, watch which streets you take – some can be quite a tough if you aren’t fond of a challenging stroll.

After finding the bus terminal we journeyed towards the north of the island where we caught the Cirkewwa ferry to Gozo, another island. Seeking a bit of thrill, we decided to hire a beach buggy and tour around the island. We spent the rest of the scorching day hopping from one spot to another.

Beach buggy stop for a swim, Gozo Island

My favourite stop was the Azure window where we managed to take a boat trip to get a view of the awe-inspiring island from the sea. With water so blue, I was convinced it had been dyed.

With this water leaving us dazed, we decided to seek for the source. The following day, after earing about the Comino islands blue lagoon, we found ourselves on the early water taxi. Please note, early is key here because the storms of tourists come in and rain on the parade as soon as the clock hits midday.

Blue Lagoon, Comino Island
Blue Lagoon, Comino Island

Another must do when in Malta is to go to the fisherman’s village. Just a short bus ride until you stumble upon a harbor, infused with colour is a site worth seeing. Here we indulged in a delicious seafood lunch, which left us feeling like the stuffed turkey at Thanksgiving. After which we headed straight back to the comfort of our Valetta suite.

Fishing Village, Maraxlokk


Finally I’ll let you in on a little secret. We found ourselves in a small private pool near Maraxlokk. Escaping the masses of tourists, enjoy a cool dip or dive in the seawater ponds. Take your lilo and some snacks for a full day of relaxation in the sun.

On our last day we decided to jump on a ferry and go to Sicily, definitely worth it for a quick day trip – how convenient. These were the highlights of my trip, although the list could go on. I will definitely be back, so if you have been to Malta and have any tips for me, post your comment. Also, for more information on Malta just click here.


Written by Hailey Edy

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