Let’s wear some Luxury

WearMyLuxuryExperienceHow would you like carrying a Chanel boy handbag while enjoying a café au lait in a Parisian restaurant? Or what about the Oyster Perpetual Rolex watch on your wrist? And if I told you that you can have these items for 10€ to 15€? Well, to me that sounds like an interesting deal. This time my dear readers, I bring to you a review aboutof this amazing website that I found while leafing the newspapers waiting for the metro in Paris. It was so crowded that all I wanted was to get quickly to school. Suddenly my attention was caught by “Wear my luxury”. I started to read the little article and I was immediately hooked.

Wear my luxury.com is a website where you will find fashionable items that you can easily rent. The only thing you need is une carte bleue.

Have you been dreaming of having a Céline handbag in your hands? Thanks to the guys from Wear my luxury, you can own it, well at least for 24hrs.

I decided to give it a try. I wanted to rent a Chanel boy Bag but sadly it wasn’t available for the date. Instead I chose to rent a nano luggage Céline. The handbag is in black calfskin, 26cm X 26cm. And the cost of this beauty? 2,250,€ in the shop! As the Parisians say: Oh la la. Too expensive for me. However, the price for one day is something I can definitely afford.

So after a busy day I sat down with a cup of hot tea,  and spent some time browsing their website. Unfortunately for me, everything is written in French so I had to ask a friend to help me out. He kindly assisted me through a FaceTime call.
Finally, I managed to rent the handbag and it cost me 12€. I was a little bit nervous because after a few hours I still hadn’t received any mail or confirmation message. I have to say that maybe it would help to have some info in English on the website.
After I haven’t received any messages or mail, I decided to write them on their Facebook account and this time I had a really quick reply. I was happy to know that they do care about their customers. Kindly they asked me to pick up the bag at a particular address in Paris at 9 am. They even game me a mobile phone number in case I needed it. There is the posibility of using their delivery service, but it costs 7€ . So the next day I went to the place and picked up the handbag. Once alone, I quickly looked at the bag and there it was: the little piece of glamour. I have to say I felt really excited. After a day of enjoying it I returned it on time.

Celine Bag

I find it a great idea to use this service for a special occasion: you can give a good impression at a party or at a job interview. Or you can use it just for fun!
I have to say that I really had a great experience using somebody else’s luxury, hope you will get interested and give it a try too.

And please let us now how it turned out for you guys.


Written by Marilyn Rios


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