Akanksha Redhu is a Fashion and Lifestyle blogger based out of New Delhi, India. She started blogging back in 2010 to express her ideas, projects and inspirations, it has now become a fashion and lifestyle blog and she covers a variety of categories like – beauty, fashion, travel, street style, reviews, fashion events etc. Since she is considered to be one of the top bloggers in India for fashion, we decided to ask her for a few tips on winter styling to end that confusion of what to wear on a cold winter day! Read on to find out what she suggests and likes about winter fashion!

Q. What do you think is the most exciting part about winter dressing?

AR : Layering and boots!

Q. What are your winter wardrobe essentials?

AR : Thermals, turtlenecks, coats and definitely some cute retro sweaters!

Q. Are you currently crushing over a product that you are dying to add to your winter wardrobe?

AR : The red woolen trench by Burberry! Did a shoot with it recently and didn’t want to part with it.

Akanksha in red wool coat from Burberry
Akanksha in red wool coat from Burberry. Photo Credit: Akanksha Redhu

Q. How would you define your winter style?

AR : It HAS to be comfy and cozy.

Q. What in your opinion would be the trends to follow this winter?

AR : I don’t really follow trends but I’m really interested in trying either military boots or thigh-high boots this season. Apart from that I usually just go with what my mood directs me to wear. My makeup usually gets darker in winter – deep nails and lips.

Q. Is there someone who inspires you for your winter style?

AR : It’s got to be Kate Moss!

Q. Do you recommend any brands for this winter?

AR : Locally made is ideally the best kind of brand to support. If you are feeling indulgent then Missoni has some very cozy and colorful cape-coats this season.

Missoni Cape
Akanksha in Missoni Cape. Photo Credit: Akanksha Redhu

Q. Finally, in your opinion what could be the perfect outfit for a cold rainy winter day?

AR : Gum boots + thick denim jeans + white turtleneck + white sweater + camel colored coat + a black/red umbrella.


Written by Pallavi Maini

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